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Get Ready For The Gaper! : If youre a fan of cock-hungry 55-year-olds with gaping pussies, youre gonna love this video. Because, in the final minutes, divorcee Connie McCoy spreads her just-fucked pussy to accept her studs squirting load. The more he squirts, the more her pussy gapes. She rubs his cum into her pussy, but not all of it. A lot of his cum drips down into her asshole. She spreads wider, completely uninhibited. And thats Connie Completely uninhibited.brbr Of course, we get gaping pussy before that, too, like when Connies sucking his dick and rubbing her pussy. Then she lays back and spreads her pussy for a deep fuck. Why does Connies cunt gape so much? Who knows? Who cares! It just does. And thats fine by us.
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Deep Cock Sucking, Pussy Farts And More : In a video thats even filthier than her debut--and takes the photo version of this scene--delightful Debi, a 50-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas, gets the Lucas treatment, and she gets it hard. But first, Debi, whos dressed sexily in lingerie, stockings, a garter belt and heels, puts on a sexy spread show for Lucas in their hotel room. Then he moves in and spreads her ass, but Debi cant take too much more of this showing off stuff. She needs cock, and she moves in fast, sucking Lucas hard and deep. Theres some really good stuff at about the 745 mark, when Debi gets her face right into the camera as she swallows as much of Lucass cock as she can, soaking it with her saliva and white, sticky deep-throat juices.brbr Then she gets hammered, and hard. Check out the pussy farts when Debis getting dicked from behind. Shes completely uninhibited, a total sex animal, and she takes Lucass load all over her slutty face.brbr Yeah, we said slutty face. For Debi, thats a
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Misty Plays For You : Theres nothing like a womans first time--first time on-camera, that is--and if she has to wait until shes 50 for that to happen, even better!br Misty Gold, a 50-year-old recent-divorcee from Southern California, walked into our studio for one reason.brbr Sex, of course! she said.brbr And although she was a little nervous about it-Somebodys watching. That makes me a little nervous-she didnt hesitate for a second. You see, Misty say shes going through her second childhood right now. Doing things she didnt have the chance to do before. Like this.brbr What do you like to do for fun, Misty?brbr Sex! she said.brbr For the record, Misty is 52, 124 pounds with measurements of 36-28-37, making her a nice, little, fuckable package. Shaggy, who was born 24 years after Misty, has his way with her. And thats the way Misty likes it.
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Daisy Lous First Video Fuck : Daisy Lou told us that she found out about when she drove by our studio in Miami.brbr I just knew thered be some good, hot action in there, she said.brbr How did she know? Hey, some people just have an eye and a nose for sex. Daisy Lou, a 52-year-old waitress from Maryland whose life revolves around sex, knew what she was seeing, and a few days later, she rung us up and sent us her test shots.brbr Ive fucked just about anywhere a person can fuck, but never on camera, Daisy Lou told us. Ive thought about it for a long time, and I never thought Id get the chance.brbr But now...voila! Shes getting fucked by a man half her age. Sucking his cock for a good, long time, too. And practically burying her face in his crotch when he shoots his load, panting like a bitch in heat for more cum, then rubbing it into her face.brbr Daisy Lou. Cum whore.
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Rita Goes Black : Ive been hearing about this clich for a very long time about once you go black, you never go back, divorcee Rita Daniels says near the start of this season. Well, Ritas going to put that theory to the test today. I definitely want to taste his cock because I love dark chocolate and I know Im going to love dark meat as well. Come here, Lucas. I want to taste that dark meat.brbr But has Rita, who recently turned 60 but was 59 when this scene was filmed, asked for more than she can handle? Can she fit Lucass long, thick dick in her mouth? Can her pussy take the pounding that hes about to deliver?brbr What do you think? Of course she can! Rita is whats known as a cock slut, and if theres a hard-on in the room, shell find a way to fit it in.brbr One of the highlights of this scene comes at 845, when Lucas has Rita take her hands off his cock, then holds her head with both hands and fucks her mouth. Another highlight is about 15 minutes in, when Rita gets down on all fours, Lucass poises himself about her, sticks his cock in her pussy and absolutely pounds her pink cunt.brbr I thought he was going to split me in half, Rita said later. But it felt good.brbr And so, now, after taking it up the ass for the first time, Rita has had her first black cock. Rita, were glad we could help make your fantasies come true.
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One Night In Venice : Whether shes talking, fucking or just modeling, Venice Knight is very comfortable in front of the camera. So, we had her introduce this scene. Shes wearing a pink dress with a push-up bra that exposes oodles of cleavage. She gives us a sneak peek at her body, then calls in her stud.brbr Hey, Lucas, she says. Come on over.brbr Lucas is all too eager to get his hands on this 59, E-cup former Sears catalog model, who in turn is all too eager to suck his cock as deep as she can. Check out Venices blow job style. She sucks lovingly but sluttily, knowing that her goal is to pleasure Lucas and get his cock ready for her pussy. And when Lucas sticks his thick cock in her tight pussy, Venice takes it easily and moans with pleasure.brbr At this point, Venice seems to have forgotten that the camera is rolling. She rides Lucas with her shaved pussy, then gets on all fours so he can jackhammer her cunt doggie-style. Cunt. Theres a word you never see in the Sears catalog. Finally, he cums on her face. And our night in Venice comes to a jack-worthy conclusion.
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Shes Got A Lot Of Fucking To Do! : Debi, a 50-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas, shows how she thanks her neighbors for helping her by sucking his cock and balls, then letting him hammer her pussy mercilessly until he shoots a load of cum all over her DD-cup tits and face. By the end of this thank you very much fucking, Debi has cum dripping from her chin, which is just the way she likes it. Its not the first time. Its probably not even the hundredth or even the thousandth time. This is a woman who has fucked a lot in her life, and she has never lost her taste for cock and cum.brbr The first time I ever fucked a guy, which was a long time ago, I squirted and almost passed out, I came so many times, she said. I knew then that I loved sex and couldnt get enough. When I was 18, I had my first threesome with a husband and wife. I think I might have ruined him for his wife by the way I sucked his dick.brbr In this scene, Debi sucks her neighbors cock for a long time, paying special attention to his nuts, then turns upside down to get her pussy piledrive-fucked. He gives, she takes, and she couldve taken a lot more. So give her what youve got!
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An Ass-Fucking For Ms. McCoy : For a woman who isnt a porn star and had never fucked on camera prior to her debut, 55-year-old Connie McCoy sure knows what shes doing. Or maybe she always fucks and sucks like she does here whether theres a camera in front of her or not.brbr When the video opens, Connie is wearing white lingerie, garters and a garter belt. She looks very happy.brbr I like many different positions, she tells us. Many different things.brbr The stud plays with her tits and kisses her neck, which is usually a no-no in porn, but well let it slide. Then Connie tells him, Id like to do something different with you today. Maybe take it up the ass.brbr Connie bends over to show him and us her ass, then she gets to the action. He fucks her face and she makes gargling noises, which is just what we like to hear. That porn star thing again, even though Connie isnt. When his cock is good and hard, she squats her cunt over it so he can piston-fuck it. Connie takes it good, then she lies on her side and has him slide his cock into her super-tight asshole. We see her asshole walls going inside-out and inside again while he fucks her, and when she pulls her legs all the way back, her now-vacant pussy gapes. Shortly afterward, he turns her upside-down and fucks her ass some more. He pulls his cock out of her ass, her asshole gapes, and then he shoots his load all over her pussy and ass before he slides his cock back in.brbr We know, we keep on saying it This could be our hottest scene ever.
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How To Fuck A Dominatrix In The Ass : We go from video interview to fuck n suck video as Shana DuPlae, direct from Northern Minnesota, shows absolutely no trepidation about taking a big, thick cock in her ass.brbr My ass can handle that cock, she says. And I can take some interesting positions as well.brbr When the action continues, Shana shows how she takes charge of a situation by sucking Juans cock some more and making sure she scrapes her teeth along his cock. So thats how a dominatrix gives blow jobs! More, more! At one point, Juan starts telling Shana what to do, which seems kinda strange because theres absolutely nothing wrong with what shes doing. So Shana quickly reminds him whos in control...with her mouth.brbr And, then, her pussy, as she sits on top of his cock and works her cunt over it. But Shana is in the mood for something else today.brbr My ass is hungry, she says.brbr And before long, she has a cock in her pussy and a dildo in her ass, and then Juans big cock is pummeling her asshole, and again were kinda wondering, Whos in control?
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The Interview Shana Takes Control : Shane DuPlae, a 51-year-old from Northern Minnesota, is here to get fucked in her tight little ass, but before she does, shes going to take us on a video tour of her body. First, we get to see her tight stomach. Then, we get to see her pussy.brbr It has its own unique attributes, she says. I have a rather large clit, and I have it pierced. The way its positioned, it sits on the most sensitive part of my clit. When I was younger, I was real self-conscious about the size of my clit, and I decided if I cant do anything about it, adorn it.brbr These days, Shana isnt self-conscious about anything. Shes a dominatrix, and when Juan, her stud for the day, comes onto the set, she takes complete command, telling Juan exactly how to eat her pussy, then how to worship her ass. And because Juans been such a good boy, she sucks his cock and balls. Havent you always wondered how a dominatrix sucks cock and balls?brbr As you can tell, this interview is more than an interview. But, hey, youre at What did you expect?
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You Can Always Get What You Want : In this scene, 52-year-old Sheri Fox leaves no doubt about what she wants.brbr I want you to fuck that ass, she says as she bends over and spreads it, teasing the stud whos been sent to fuck her. Have I got an ass for you!brbr From the start, Sheri is wearing a purple bra, stockings and a purple garter but absolutely no panties, so when she bends over, we can see the ass that this guy is about to fuck. But first, hes going to have his cock sucked all the way, as Sheri takes him right down to his balls and then hes going to fuck her nicely decorated pussy. When shes getting her pussy fucked, Sheri likes to look down and watch the cock going in and out of her.brbr But all this is merely a prelude. Sheri turns upside down, spreads wide and says, Cmon, fuck my ass. There it is. So the guy takes what hes given, and Sheri takes every inch of his dick in her needy asshole. This just might be our hottest scene ever.
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Ass-Fucked By Her Sons Best Friend! : Heres one of our favorite fantasies, maybe the oldest MILF fantasy in the book. Its called, Fucking Your Best Friends Sexy Mom. This one could actually be called, Fucking Your Best Friends Sexy Mom In The Ass.brbr The mom is Dacia Logan, a 52-year-old divorcee from Queens, New York born in Romania. In this video, shes playing a jilted housewife whose hubby has stood her up again this happens all the time in real life, so no wonder she got divorced. The losers car broke down. Shes all dressed up and ready to go, and now shes pissed. She looks outside and sees her son sitting at the pool with his friend Juan and asks her son to go get his father. But, of course, this is just a ploy. She wants to be alone with Juan.brbr Could you come up here and help me with something, Dacia calls from the bedroom window. When he gets up there, Dacia is laying in bed.brbr You can help me with a lot of things, she says. I was watching you. You look so sexy. You can give me what I need, cant you?brbr But what about your son? Juan asks.brbr Nobody has to know. Itll be our little secret.brbr Dacia sits him down on the bed and goes right after his cock. She licks his balls and sucks his shaft real sloppily. Then she has Juan fuck her in several positions. When her pussy has been thoroughly plowed, she says the magic words.brbr Are you ready to stick it in my ass? Dacia says. I want to feel you in my ass.brbr Hey, what are best friends for?
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Miriams Double Dark Dicking : When Miriam Harding showed up at our studio for the first time, she was like a kid in a candy store. The thing she wanted to do most was to get through the solo shoot as quickly as possible so she could start fucking. And, yeah, she got it good and hard when she made her debut, but in this video, we find out what she really wanted.brbr I can hardly wait, Miriam says. Im going to be taking on two big, hard cocks. Black guys that are just hung like horses. I just love sucking on their cocks. Theyre so big! I can hardly wait until they cum all over me. Then she says, I just love being fucked. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my ass. Fuck my pussy. That about covers it all, dont you think?brbr She lies down on the bed, spreads her legs and plays with her pussy.brbr Oh, I need some nice, black cock, she says.brbr She looks very nice in those black stockings, and her tits look suckable in that pink corset. Finally, the guys show up, and Lucas goes right after her, sucking her left tit while fingering her pussy. Thats all it takes to send Miriams horny-o-meter through the roof!brbr Let me see some cock, she says, so the guys whip it out, and Miriam starts sucking. For the next 15 minutes, shes got cock in her mouth, cock in her pussy and cock in her favorite place for cock her ass. Can she take it all? Is that really a question?
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Jessica Violates The Dress Code, H.R. Guy Violates Jessica : Jessica Sexton has a problem. Shes been called into the H.R. managers office at work. It seems Mr. Stone has been receiving complaints from Jessicas co-workers about her inappropriate attire. Short skirts. See-through tops. Fuck-me pumps. No panties. You gotta figure Jessicas jealous female co-workers are the ones doing the complaining, but Mr. Stone has a job to do, and today, hes terminating Jessicas employment. In regular-person speak, that means hes firing her.brbr Well, Jessica isnt going to take this lying down. Actually, she is going to take it lying down, but first shes going to get down on her knees and suck Mr. Stones big, black cock, then shes going to lie on his desk and have him fuck her shaved pussy. Clearly, this isnt appropriate behavior for an upper-management employee of a company, but wouldnt you fuck Jessica if you had the chance?brbr We thought so. And the next time youre at work and see one of your sexy MILF co-workers going into the H.R. guys office, youll know whats going on.
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Lovely Rita, Ass-Fucked! : Hugely popular 59-year-old Rita Daniels talks dirty and gets fucked in her ass for the first time in this much-anticipated video. Rita says shes doing it just for us, but judging by how shes moaning and cumming and talking filthy while getting it in her tight ass, were not so sure about that. We think shes doing it for herself and is just letting us watch.brbr A little background on this video, though. We saw her sitting in the studio a few hours prior, and she was a little nervous about the whole thing.brbr Nervous and excited, she said. Ive been planning this for a long time. I went out and bought an anal training kit to get my asshole ready.brbr Of course, when the action starts, Rita gets the studs cock ready with a sloppy blow job, then has him fuck her always-horny pussy. And then...Target Butthole!brbr Oh, fuck my ass! Rita says as Juans cock slides in and out. And thats exactly what he does.
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Divorcee, Mom, Jack Fantasy! : Connie McCoy, a 55-year-old divorcee from Southern California who has children at home and a lot of friends and relatives who would be shocked to see her here, fucks on video for the first time for This scene opens with a flashback to Connies video interview, in which she reveals that shes not here solely for our pleasure. Shes here for hers, too.brbr Connie tells us that she was married for 30 years to a man who wasnt interested in sex. Then she shows off her flexibility.brbr How flexible are you? our interviewer asks.brbr Scary flexible, she says. I can put both feet behind my head, although its not a Pilates move.brbr With Connies legs all the way back, our stud enters the set, the pussy eating starts and Connies on her way to superstardom. First, she shows off her cock-sucking skills, and she seems to be very hungry for man-meat as she tries to get all of our young studs cock into her mouth. She makes noises, because she likes what shes doing, and also because Connie has watched enough porn to know that porn stars arent supposed to be quiet when they suck cock. She sucks his balls and jacks his cock while looking into the camera. He sits down, and Connie tries to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she can, as if its a challenge, and if you look closely, you can see that her nipples have gotten harder. Then its up on all fours for more cock-sucking. This time, her eyes are closed. Shes really getting into it, focusing, and later she told us, I forgot the camera was there. When she rides him cowgirl-style, she has him stick a finger in her asshole, and she rides it hard, complimenting our stud, loving his cock.brbr Because for Connie, fucking at isnt just a job. Its an adventure.
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No Expiration Date Getting To Know Connie McCoy : First, a note from your editor Ive interviewed a lot of women since I came to The SCORE Group in 2001, and this ranks as one of my Top 3 favorite interviews. Thats not because Connie McCoy, a 55-year-old divorcee from Southern California, gets super-raunchy although her Pilates demonstration in the final minutes shouldnt be missed. Its because Connie is so normal, so down-to-Earth, so refreshing. Shes funny, intelligent, sexy...but youll discover that for yourself soon enough.brbr Anyway, at the start of this interview, Connie laughs quite a bit. I laugh a lot when Im slightly nervous or uncomfortable, she says. Connie is both, but she warms up, and she gets the message across that shes enjoying what shes here to do.brbr Im 55, and its a rush to think that I can still turn somebody on, Connie says. I feel like I have some kind of expiration date on my back.brbr Theres no expiration date on Connies back or any other part of her body although she was shocked to find out that we recently featured a 75-year-old on Shes blonde, shes beautiful, she has a hot body she doubles as a personal trainer and, oh yeah, shes a mom. A divorced mom who isnt looking forward to getting married again. Her perfect date?brbr I prefer sexy only. No dating, she said. Its too time-consuming.brbr Time well-spent is time getting to know Connie. Enjoy. Shes the real McCoy.
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Sheri Goes For A Ride And Gets Ridden, Too : Sheri Fox, a 52-year-old married horse trainer from Central Florida, finally sucks cock and rides the baloney pony on video. Judging by her moans, she loves having her DD-cup tits sucked, and judging by the way the guys reacting, shes a helluva cock sucker, getting every inch of his stick into her mouth and making sure its soaking wet for her well-seasoned pussy. Sheri, who was quite reserved during her video interview, really gets into the cock-sucking slurping and moaning and beating the dudes cock against her tongue. Then she gets on all fours and gets dicked from behind while demanding, Come on, baby! There! There! There! Totally out of control but totally in control. She fucks long and she fucks hard...because shes a horse lady. And then she milks his cock onto her tits.brbr When it comes to sex, Sheri is a wild woman. She says she masturbates every chance she gets. Sometimes I wake up at night doing it, she said. My favorite is watching NFL football and playing with my pussy. I love tight ends in Spandex. I could cum four times by halftime. Sometimes Ill watch a game while sucking my husbands cock.brbr Shes into women. Of course, she said. Who doesnt like pussy?brbr And she has sex whenever the mood strikes me, either with a partner or alone.brbr Obviously, in this video, the mood struck her.
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Sexy Wife Sheri Fox Tells Us Something New : About a month ago, on her second day of shooting at, Shana DuPlae walked in with a friend. The friends name was Sheri Fox, and Shana wanted to know if wed be interested in shooting her friend for We took one look at Sheris hot body and said, Hell, yeah! So we made arrangements for Sheri to return to our studio for a full day of shooting, and here she is!brbr Sheri, who just turned 52, is from a small town a little north of Ocala, Florida. Thats horse country, and that fact is relevant because in this interview, Sheri is going to tell us about a fetish that she and her husband and, as it turns out, Shana, too enjoy but most people probably dont know much about pony play.brbr Yes, pony play, and if youre thinking really wild thoughts right now, dont. Pony play is not what you probably think it is. In fact, no animals are involved. But well let Sheri explain it.brbr If Sheri, a professional horse trainer, seems a little nervous in this interview, thats because she is nervous. She really didnt want to talk. She wanted to fuck. And suck. She gets to that near the end of the interview, when we play a little dominantsubmissive game that involves Sheri teasing the dudes dick. That should get you warmed up for whats to come a hot, mature wife fucking and sucking on camera. Enjoy the week!
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Nursing A Hard-on : Shana DuPlae, our 51-year-old horse trainer from Northern Minnesota, plays nurse in a scene that defies belief but definitely shows us how we want our mature nurses to act. For one, Shana is dressed in a porno nurses outfit short we can see her panties when she sits down and spreads her legs slightly and unbuttoned to expose her red bra. She tells her patient, Im going to be touching your body in some sensitive locations. Are you comfortable with that? At that moment, youll be touching your own body in some sensitive locations. Then Shana asks, Do you need to take Viagra, and instead of waiting for his answer, she strokes his cock and finds out for herself. Schwing! Shana conducts a thorough examination, sucking his cock, then finding out for herself how it works by having him fuck her shaved pussy in a variety of positions. You know, there has been a lot of talk in the U.S. about health care reform. Were voting for Shanas version.
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Another Anal Sex Video For Raven To Watch With Her Hubby : Raven, whos 56, married and from Idaho, says she isnt into any fetishes.brbrbr Unless you count anal sex, she said.brbrbr We usually dont count anal sex because we define a fetish as something a little edgier, a little less-common like being into watching pregnant women fucking or mature women fucking while theyre smoking than anal sex, which everyone seems to be doing these days. But the thing is, most women-especially mature women, like Raven-arent getting their asses fucked on camera for all the world to see.brbrbr I love having anal sex on camera, Raven said.brbrbr Okay, now thats a fetish!brbrbr I sucked my husbands cock while watching my first anal video on, she said. Then I had him fuck my ass while the stud in the video was fucking my ass. It was so surreal, having anal sex while watching myself having anal sex with another man.brbrbr Thanks, Raven, for giving us some more food for thought.
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The Canals Of Venice : Venice, whos 50 and has never been married, comes out of a stall in a ladies restroom rolling down her skirt. Shes wearing a tight top that shows plenty of E-cup cleavage and a skirt thats very short. How short? Well, when she bends over to wash her hands and fix her makeup, her ass is almost completely exposed. Does she know it? She must. Theres too much ass showing for her not to know it. She adjusts her top to show more cleavage, clearly planning to seduce her date, but it seems as if the seducing has already been done. He enters the bathroom and comes up behind her.brbr What are you doing in here? she says. Were in a restaurant.brbr That doesnt matter. He needs her, and she wants him, too. In the best way. In the nastiest way. On the bathroom floor and while shes bent over the sink. Check out how nice Venices shaved pussy looks while shes getting drilled. Check out how her big tits jiggle while shes getting fucked on the bathroom floor. Yeah, Venice is a classy woman. But when it comes to pussy and cock, class has nothing to do with it.
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From Department Store Catalog Model To 50Plus MILF : Last week we gave you 75-year-old Sandra Ann, who didnt need to show her I.D. to prove that she belonged at And this week, we have a woman on the opposite end of the spectrum Venice, who just turned 50 in December and doesnt look a day over 40. Guys, youre just going to have to trust us on this one. Weve never lied to you before about a models age and were not going to start lying now. Venice, who lives in San Francisco, California, is beautiful. Blonde. Voluptuous. Five-feet-nine, 145 pounds with a brick-shithouse 42-28-39 figure and natural E-cup tits. Former fashion model.brbr I was the girl next door and your basic Sears catalog model, she tells us near the start of this interview.brbr She sounds so classy, so proper. Its hard to believe that tomorrow, youre going to see photos of her first on-camera fuck and on Thursday, youre going to see the video. Which makes all of this so much better. We mean the idea that Venice is going to fuck on camera and that shes so sexually aggressive.brbr A man knows when I want him, Venice said. Then its all a blur. And when we asked her how often she has sex, she said, You should ask how often I dont have sex!brbr Oh, by the way? Venices proof of age is in the looks she gives you. In her confidence and sexuality. The way she carries herself in this video interview. You cant miss it.
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The Hard Sell : This video was inspired by 59-year-old Rita Daniels real-life occupation. She sells hot tubs! At the start of the video, John is sitting at home, watching TV, when Ritas ad for hot tubs comes on. He calls the number, of course, and shes eager to come over to his house and give him her personal sales pitch.brbr Well, Ritas sales pitch includes her wearing a short dress that her tits are pouring out of. The thing is, she doesnt seem to be making a sale until she starts touching him all over, working her hand up to his crotch. Hey, we thought she was supposed to make him looser, not harder!brbr Before long, Ritas tits are out all the way, shes sucking his cock deeply, sloppily with saliva strings check out the P.O.V. angle, too and shes bouncing up and down on his dick. Stress reliever? Damn, yeah! About 20 minutes later, John is relieving his stress all over Ritas face. But we still dont know about Ritas sales technique. Who needs hot tubs when you can have MILF pussy?
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Mrs. Sextons Naughty Audition : When most mothers say they want to make sure their daughters boyfriends are good enough for her, they usually mean they want to make sure he has a good job, is ambitious, treats her right. You a good husband, a good father. All that.brbr But when 53-year-old Jessica Sexton says, I want to make sure that theyre good enough for her, so I give them a tryout, she means that she wants to make sure that their cocks are good enough for her pussy. She wants to make sure that her daughters new boyfriends know how to eat pussy and fuck. That might sound unusual, and we agree that it is. Whats even more unusual about this is that Jessica makes sure that these guys know how to fuck a womans asshole, too. Or maybe shes doing that just for herself and doesnt pass it along. Who knows with mothers and daughters these days?
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Like Daughter? Youll Like Mom Better! : On a recent morning, two women came walking into the 50PlusMILFs studio wearing very short, black dresses and really slutty fuck-me pumps. They looked like they were ready to fuck, which they were. Were these women friends? Sisters? Well, it turned out that the blonde was the mother and the brunette was the daughter! The mom 53 years old. The daughter 19 years old. And the mother, Jessica Sexton, was proving once again that some things simply get better with age.brbr So heres Jessica Sexton, whos 52 and weighs 100 pounds soaking wet. She looks like a little fuck toy with her little body and tiny ass, and she considers herself to be oversexed.brbr I like to try out my daughters boyfriends, Jessica revealed. But heres what were wondering How many of her daughters boyfriends have decided that theyd rather have mom? Were betting quite a few.brbr So enjoy this introduction to Jessica and the photos of mother and daughter together. As jacking experiences go, this ones a whole new ballgame!
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Mature Women Know Best : Young girls sometimes dont want to admit that they enjoy sex. They think enjoying sex makes you a slut. Ridiculous, right? But a mature woman like Lani Maru isnt afraid to admit it. Shes proud to admit that she enjoys a good fucking. Lani likes to work her tongue all over a cock, getting it nice and wet and making humming noises while moaning, Oh, yeah! She wants that dick all over her face, and then she wants it deep in her ultra-pink pussy. But wait...first she has to get that pussy eaten, and she spreads her pussy wide for the dudes tongue. Oh, your tongue feels so good! Lani says, almost forgetting the camera is there. Fuck that pussy with your tongue. When shes nice and wet, Lani is ready for dick. Our favorite fucking positions are the ones in which we get views of Lanis meaty ass. We even get to see her ass when shes getting fucked in the missionary position. Her big bottom becomes a nice cushion as the stud pounds her pussy into the mattress. And then...he cums inside her pussy. Yes, fellas, its cream pie time, and were treated to a full 90 seconds of cum dripping out of Lanis pussy and Lani rubbing it back in. She squeezes her cunt to get all the man juices out, then rubs them back in again. Her pussy looks even pinker than before, and thats because its just-fucked-pussy. Lani earned that cum.
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An In-Depth, Penetrating Interview With Lani Maru : You might have noticed that the interviews at have become a little more...well, penetrating is the word. We give penetrating interviews. The MILF is talking to our editor, telling us all of her dirty little secrets, and before you know it, a cock is penetrating her mouth. Yes, penetrating interviews. Thats the ticket!brbrbr Lani Maru, a 54-year-old from Hawaii she now lives in Michigan, is making her second appearance at, and its great to have her, especially since we didnt get the chance to interview her last time. In this interview, Lanibrbrbr 1. Shows us how to properly slap her round, fuckable ass. Its all about the hand movement, Lani tells us. Quick. Sharp.brbr 2. Sits on the porn studs lap.brbr 3. Gives the porn stud a hand job.brbr 4. Asks, Do you mind if I take a suck, or something like that, then gives him a mini-blow job.brbr 5. Struggles at first with the interviewers New York accent.brbr 6. Correctly answers the question, What is a cream pie?brbr 7. Eventually takes off all her clothes, invites us on a tour of her body tattoos and all and shows off her shaved pussy.brbrbr The interview ends with the blow job that opens Thursdays cream-pie scene. And dont forget to come back tomorrow for pictures, too!
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Dirty-Talking, Sloppy-Sucking, Cunt-Fucked And Pushin 60! : This video picks up where Tuesdays video interview left off, with first-timer Rita Daniels getting her pussy fingered, then sucking cock and balls. Theres a no-nonsense look on 59-year-old Ritas face. She knows the camera is there, and thats making her behave even nastier. She comes across as a woman who knows shes acting like a nasty, horny slut and doesnt care. She talks dirty, going on about the cock thats filling her pussy. Shes a sloppy cock sucker, and we mean that in a good way.brbr For the record, Rita is 57, 128 pounds and has DD-cup tits and a waxed pussy as opposed to a shaved one she says waxing makes it smoother. Her hobbies are playing billiards, dancing, cooking and shopping. She has sex every day, and not with the same person every day. She enjoys masturbating, but with a little bit of help. Huh? How does that work?brbr I like to have my boyfriend put his finger in my ass and cunt while I use my vibrator on my clit while were watching videos on our computer, she said.brbr Hows that for a testimonial! And, yes, she did say cunt.
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Introducing 59-Year-Old Rita Daniels : Few things in porn life are better than seeing a woman whos never posed for any magazine or website even an amateur one baring her soul and the rest of her body for the first time. Today, we have Rita Daniels, a 59-year-old divorcee and MILF from New York City. As youre about to find out, big-titted Rita sells hot tubs for a living, and in this video interview, she demonstrates her selling technique. She must sell a lot of hot tubs, especially to men.brbr There was so much to cover with Rita in such a small amount of time. For example, while this interview was taking place, her boyfriend was watching.brbr He wants to watch me fuck, Rita tells us. He loves to see me get cum all over my face.brbr Now, in the interests of full disclosure, your editor is going to admit that he thinks Rita is one of the hottest, sexiest women to ever appear on the website. He loves her big tits and shaved snatch. He loves that this brand-new newcomer could carry on a conversation while getting her pussy eaten and three-finger fucked Rita also sucks her juices off the male studs fingers while spreading her pussy and ass for us. He loves that when Rita says shes a good cocksucker, shes willing to prove it by sucking the dudes cock and balls while he tea-bags her face.brbr You might be able to make it to tomorrows photos or Thursday video before you jack to Rita. But were guessing that you cant.
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Hands-On Problem Solving : This guy in this video didnt need a sex therapist to figure out whats wrong with his pecker. The problem is that hes been trying to fuck 18-year-old girls, and as any MILF lover knows, no teenage girl is gonna be very good at turning limp cock into wood. But, as Charlie points out, the guy doesnt seem to be having a problem when shes the one stroking his cock through his pants.brbr Ive never seen a sex therapist this hot before, the lucky patient says to 57-year-old Charlie.brbr Maybe well work on this a little bit and come up with some answers, Charlie says as she keeps rubbing away at his problem. I think we might be getting to the root of your problem. Maybe its not 18-year-olds that you like.brbr No. Maybe its big-titted mature blondes who show cleavage, wear stockings and garter belts and know how to suck and fuck. Teenagers, be gone!
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Fuck My Ass! Bosss Orders! : We took some creative license for this video. Sunny Ray, 52, is divorced, not married, but here she plays the wife of a man who runs a warehouse. The husband makes a very big mistake. He tells one of his workers, John, to go to his house and install the new flat-screen TV he bought for his wife.brbr br Put it in however she wants and wherever she wants, he orders.brbr br However she wants and wherever she wants turns out to be in Sunny Rays mouth, pussy and asshole. Sunny Ray dresses like a slut, sucks like a slut and fucks like a slut, and she loves getting her ass slammed.brbr br By the way, theres a special treat at the end of this video. It involves the guys cum and Sunnys asshole. No, he doesnt cum inside of it, but close enough.
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Luna Azul Crosses Over To The Dark Side : For Luna Azuls first date with a black cock ever-thats ever, meaning video, real life, anywhere-shes wearing a sexy, pink top and tight jeans. The top quickly comes off, and Luna, 58, reveals her firm, pierced D-cup tits and squeezes them together. Suddenly, theres a guy on the couch.brbr br You know what? Luna says. I wanna fuck. You think you can handle that, baby? I can see you want to fuck me baby, dont you? She rubs his crotch and says, I like a black cock, although at this point, she doesnt know that for sure. But she quickly takes out his black cyarpock and goes right for it, sucking it, making it wet, licking and sucking his balls. Shes got skills!brbr br Later on, theres a great view between Lunas legs of his cock drilling her pussy, as if its going to split her in half. The contrast of black on white is exciting, and Luna is clearly lost in the moment, taking every inch of that dick in her tight pussy.brbr br Clearly, this guy can handle Luna. And Luna can handle him.
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Luna Azul Is Back... For Black! : Its always great when one of our favorite MILFs returns to, especially when shes returning to do something for the first time. And we dont mean first time on video. We mean first time ever. In her life.brbr br Ive never had sex with a black man before, 58-year-old Luna Azul tells us at the beginning of this interview. Ive heard that once you go black, you never go back.brbr br Now, for the sake of all the white guys out there whod love to fuck this sexy SoCal mom, we hope that isnt true. Although it could be because here at, we dont go halfway with our black studs. We make sure theyre hung, and we make sure they can fuck the shit out of any MILF we pair them up with.brbr br We find out a lot about Luna in this interview. We find out more about her pierced nipples. We find out about her workout routine. She tells us about the time she had sex in an airplane on the way to Hawaii for her honeymoon. And we find out how she plays with her pretty pink cunt. First she diddles her clit, then she fucks her hole with a long, thick dildo.brbr br Next time we see her, therell be a black cock in that pretty pink cunt.
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What Goes Up Must Fuck Victoria : The last time we saw 58-year-old Victoria Peale, she was fucking on camera for the first time. The scene started with an interview in which she got her pussy eaten, then quickly moved on to the main event. We loved her. You guys loved her. For her encore, Victorias taking her next step in MILF porn by doing a little acting. To set the scene, Victoria has seduced the guy she saw in the elevator of her apartment building hell, we dont even know if Victoria really lives in an apartment building. Hes been admiring her rack. Shes been admiring the bulge in his pants. Shes wearing sexy lingerie that have big cutouts for her big tits and sexy pussy. Want to come over here and give me a lick? she asks. At that point, the acting stops and the action begins. Enjoy Victoria. You wont see her anywhere else.
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Nurse Charlies Bedside Manner : This scene picks up where Tuesdays video interview left off, with 57-year-old wifenurse Charlie from Denver, Colorado eating cock. Charlie didnt leave much to the imagination in that interview, showing off her naked bubble butt, getting her shaved pussy eaten, sucking balls and then briefly moving onto the cock before we were interrupted. But now, here we go! That same cock is in Charlies mouth, and she seems to be enjoying every inch of it. Notice Charlies dick-sucking technique. Shes not just sucking it. Shes loving it. Shes making love to the shaft, the head. Its the kind of thing that some 20something chick wouldnt know how to do, but Charlie knows.brbr br Theres great cock sucking from all angles, and Charlie makes sure she gives tender-loving-care to the nut-sac, too. Those balls are in good hands with Charlie, first because shes a nurse, second because she wont bite them or pull on them too hard.brbr br Of course, after sucking dick so well, Charlie deserves a good pussy fucking, and she gets one. As this scene goes on, youll start to wonder, Does she know theres a camera rolling? Thats how intimate this scene is. And we dont mean intimate in a romantic, lovey-dovey, girlie kind of way. We mean it in a take out your cock and jack it hard kind of way. Nurses orders.
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Charlie Gets Interviewed And Has Sex At The Same Time! : This starts out as an interview, an informal way to introduce 57-year-old Charlie, a nurse and wife from Denver, Colorado, but it soon turns into a mini-scene. That happens somewhere around the time that Charlie shows off her bubble butt and interviewer Dave declares that she has the greatest ass in the history of Then Dave asks her if shes ever been interviewed while having sex, and when Charlie says she hasnt, its game on!brbr br Im the girl next door, but theres something a little secretive there, too, Charlie says. Im a nurse who has a naughty side. Im a naughty nurse.brbr br As she speaks and answers questions, Charlie has her bra taken off and her tits fondled and sucked. Not by Dave. She tries to answer questions, but...hey, buddy, try answering questions while having your cock sucked and see how well you do. The stunt cocks hand goes down her panties, then he pulls them aside to reveal her shaved pussy. She sucks her sweet pussy juicy off his finger, and although she keeps answering questions, we know what she wants cock. Shell get that, but not before she tells him how to eat her pussy. This is an interview?brbr br Well, no, its not. But ya gotta tell a lady something, right?
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Fuck The Interview! : This was supposed to be an interview with 58-year-old newcomer Miriam Harding, but Miriam would rather fuck than talk. I love sex, she tells the supposed interviewer. I especially like sucking cock. I like fucking, doggie especially. I like feeling a cock going in me really deep, pounding me.brbr She invites the interviewer to sit next to her on the couch. She shows him her tits. Theyre huge, he says, wide-eyed with anticipation. For the record, her tits are G-cups. Are they real? Who cares? Before long, question and answer time is over, and Miriam is having the dude play with her nipples. Then he offers her his cock, and she leans right over to suck it.brbr Miriam is one horny lady. I recently had eight continuous hours of debauchery at my home, said Miriam, who lives near San Diego, California. It was incredible.brbr Miiram is incredible in this scene. She sucks cock deep, then gets fucked in her tight pussy. But she really needs it in her ass, and she takes every inch of this dude hard and deep in her butthole. The cum shot is on her face. Because thats where dirty women like it.
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Its Thanksgiving! Katia Feasts On Dark Meat! : Here it is, members, the day youve all been waiting for. No, were not talking about Thanksgiving and three football games. Were talking about Katia taking a big, black cock in her shaved, Southern pussy and tight ass. Were talking about watching Katia feasting on big, black, thick meat. How can Katia take all that up her ass? Hey, when you want something badly enough, you find a way.brbr Before this week started, Katia was one of the top three most popular MILFs on, going by your comments and ratings. We have a feeling that after you guys watch this video, theres gonna be a new No. 1! br
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A Little Talk, A Little Sucking Of A Big Cock : We couldnt let Katias return to pass without doing a sit-down interview with this 56-year-old babe from Alabama. So heres the interview as a primer to tomorrows big-cock, ass-fuck video. Youll love Katias Southern accent. Youll love hearing her recall her first scene on Youll love hearing her talk about Castros big, black cock, which she already fucked for yesterdays photo set.brbr Its about the largest Ive had, Katia says.brbr And her first thought when she saw it? How am I gonna take it?brbr And how did she take it? Very slowly. It was good!brbr Watch. Listen. Learn. Maybe even jack a little as Katia sits there in her sexy little outfit and tells us the history of her shaved pussy shes been shaving it for a long time. Then she shows off her big tits and her ass and compares the size of her forearm to Castros cock. Then she gets started on Castros cock!brbr Be patient, guys. Tomorrows only a day away, and its gonna be worthbr the wait! br
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Nice Ass-ets! : Julia Butt, a 58-year-old wife from Florida, is one aggressive MILF. When she wants something, she goes for it. In this case, she wants the dudes big, black cock. I want you to fuck me with that big black dick in my ass, she says.brbr Julia is one hot, piece-of-ass MILF slut. When the guy goes down on her, she grinds her cunt into his face and pulls his head in. Her big, tan-lined tits are popping out of her bra, and she asks, You like that white pussy? She takes her bra off and really grinds her pussy into his face. Her nipples are rock hard.brbr Then she pulls down his pants and sucks his dick while rubbing her pussy. She slaps his cock against her tongue and sucks his balls hard, really pulling on them, but he can take it. And did we mention that she has a mint body?brbr When his cock is ready, he fucks her in every possible position, then Julia opens up her ass for a deep drilling of dick. Yeah, fill up my ass, baby, she says. You like that tight ass? With her shoes off, she sits on top of him, lowers her asshole onto his cock, mounts her bare feet on his thighs and fucks hard. Fuck that ass! she demands. How could he say no?
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When The Husbands Away, The Wife Gets Ass-Fucked : The lesson of this video is simple If youre a husband with a hot MILF for a wife, dont leave your MILF alone in the house with another guy when shes horny. When this video opens, 56-year-old Raven from Idaho is making out with her husband on the couch. Theyre interrupted by the picture hanger, who made the mistake of stepping on their expensive piano. The hubbys pissed, but hes suddenly called away on business, leaving Raven horny and vulnerable.brbr Sorry, my husbands a little bit of an asshole, she tells the picture hanger. Do you need help hanging those paintings?brbr She straightens the painting, then she straightens his dick. His cock goes straight into her mouth, then into her pussy, then into her tight MILF ass. Lesson learned for Mr. Hubby? Probably not. The picture hanger cums on Ravens ass, and hes still not back. Oh, well. He can catch whatever he missed on
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Barefoot And Fucked : Finally, we get to see 52-year-old Sunny Ray in action, doing what she likes to do best fuck. One of the wonderful things about Sunny Ray is that shes so experienced and slutty and yet so nave. For example, she didnt know what a cougar was when we asked her. On the other hand, she does have a pierced nipple and a pierced tongue. And she knows her way around a cock.brbr For example, as she told us last time, she loves to gag on cock. In her first video, she enjoyed looking right into the camera while giving head and sucking balls. Then she lays back and has her stunt cock spread her pussy so we can see what hes about to fuck. Oh, thats nice, Sunny Ray moans.brbr Finally, the fucking begins. Sunny Rays big tits jiggle when shes getting pounded, and she likes having a finger in her asshole when shes getting boned from behind. We also like her big, broad ass. Its a womanly ass, the kind you can grab when youre doing her from behind. One more thing she fucks barefoot.brbr This scene ends with an impressive cum shot, all over Sunny Rays face. It drips down her upper lip and into her mouth. She rubs it onto her face and tits. She obviously likes cum. Were glad she took her first on-camera cum blast for
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A Girl Who Does It All : Here at, one of the things we love best is women who have never posed naked before, let alone fucked on camera, doing it for the first time for our viewing pleasure. Sunny Ray, a 52-year-old MILF born February 22, 1957 from Munich, Germany, is in that category.brbr Sunny Ray no longer lives in Germany. She was born there but grew up in Tampa, Florida. Now, everyone has their own opinion about how much environment plays into what a person becomes, but the Tampa Bay area is the swingingnudist capital of the United States, and Sunny Ray is a serious swinger.brbr Ive lived out most of my fantasies, she told us.brbr Most of them. But not this one fucking in front of the camera so that thousands of men can jack off to her.brbr I definitely havent done that before, she said.brbr Heres what she has done had a gang bang with seven men while their wives and girlfriends watched eaten pussy pierced her left nipple and dangled an earring from it gotten her ass fucked over and over again.brbr In this video introduction to Sunny Ray, she shows how she likes to have her ass slapped very hard, how she likes to have her nipple piercing pulled very hard and how she likes to suck cock until shes gagging.brbr We have a feeling youre gonna like this lady.
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My, Grandma, What A Big, Black Cock Youre Fucking! : This scene picks up where Tuesdays video interview left off. Honey Ray is lying in bed, fucking her wet, pierced pussy with a thick, white dildo. Shes definitely enjoying herself, but lets face it Honey is 54. Shes well past the age where she prefers playing with toys. She wants the real thing.brbr Fortunately-and dont you love how this always happens in porno videos?-theres a guy in the house doing some painting. He hears Honey moaning and goes to investigate. And what does he find? Honey Ray spread out on her bed, dildo-fucking her cunt.brbr Miss Ray, are you okay? he asks.brbr Why dont you come sit right here, Honey Ray says. I was just thinking about you.brbr Thats right Honey had a white, plastic cock in her pussy, but she was thinking about a black, real cock. A big, black cock. Honey shoves her pierced nipples in the dudes face, and the fun begins.brbr Now, as we mentioned yesterday, this guys cock is huge! Its long and thick, and Honey Ray tries her darndest to get her mouth around it. She sucks it good enough to get it hard, then she has no trouble getting it inside her greasy cunt. Check out how her pussy gapes at about 1247. Very nice. See how that cock stretches her 50something pussy.brbr We think youll agree Honey Rays cum-mand performance was well-deserved.
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Welcome Back, Honey Ray! : Here at, we have a rule about women who have already appeared on the site If a model is going to be invited back for an encore, shes going to have to do something special. Something weve never seen her do before. So, what is the something special that Honey Ray is going to do this week?brbr Well, she just turned 54 on September 23. She was 53 when we met her last spring. But thats not special enough.brbr She looks different. The first time we saw this executive secretary from South Florida, she had long, dark hair. Now Honey has very short, closely cropped blonde hair that we think makes her look even sexier before. But even thats not special enough.brbr What is Honey Ray going to do that made us say, Come on in, Honey! Wed love to have you back? What is Honey Ray going to do that has us hard with anticipation?brbr Well, were going to make you wait to find out. But meanwhile, enjoy this interview with Honey, a mother of five who has pierced nipples, a pierced naval and two piercings on her shaved, well-fucked pussy...a pussy that she jams with a thick dildo, just to whet your appetite for whats to come.brbr Welcome back, Honey Ray.
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When In Doubt, Fuck! : Here it is, the main event of the week, first-ever video of total amateur, 57-year-old MILFGILF Victoria Peale fucking on camera for the first time. Its an impressive debut. This video starts off where Tuesdays interview session left off Victoria lying on the bed and masturbating, our stunt-cock straddling her face and feeding his balls into her mouth. And then it picks up very quickly. For a woman who said she was nervous, Victoria sure can fuck on camera!brbr The thing is, Victoria didnt think she knew how to fuck on camera.brbr What should I do? she asked.brbr Just have fun, we said. Do what you normally do when you have sex.brbr Should I be a slut? she said. Do you want me to be wild?brbr Just be yourself, we told her.brbr So heres Victoria, raw and unscripted, wanton at times, wild at others, but always the hot MILF next door. This is what we all fantasize about.
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First Look! Getting To Know Victoria Peale : As newcomers come, they dont come any newer than Victoria Peale. Shes a 57-year-old flight attendant from Phoenix, Arizona who has lived all over the United States, and other than in private and on a few nude beaches here and there, shes never gotten naked anywhere. Lets run down the checklistbrbr Shes never been a stripper or otherwise danced nude.brbr Shes never been in an adult magazine or video.brbr Shes never taken off her clothes for an amateur Internet website.brbr Shes never even modeled with her clothes on.brbr Victoria is, in every way, a porn virgin. How did this divorcee, mother of three and grandmother end up in the studio just a week before her wedding?brbr Thats a story better told by Victoria, and she tells it in this interview, her first time on-camera. Was Victoria nervous? Yeah, she was. editor Dave tries to put her at ease. Levi, her fuck-partner-to-be, does a better job of it.brbr Here at, we live for women like Victoria. This is going to be a very good week.
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What Are Best Friends For? : Katia, 56, shows Waya, 45, what best friends are for in this MILF-MILF video. Wayas asshole husband has left her, and Katia tries to console her. This is where Katia, the older woman, proves that sexual wisdom comes with age, too, as she does her best to get Waya out of the funk shes in.brbr Maybe Im just not the pretty young thing I used to be, Waya said.brbr Responds Katia, Look at this body. It is gorgeous. Look at that ass!brbr Katia starts caressing her. Waya tells Katia that shes hot. Theyre hesitant at first, but they quickly get into it, and what results is one of the hottest lezzie scenes weve ever seen. If you thought Katia was good at sucking cock, you should see how she eats pussy. She really gets into it, and Waya moans, Oh, god, youre sucking my clit! Then Katia diddles her own clit while Waya eats her cunt. And, since we all know how much Katia is into anal, Katia sticks her butt in the air so Waya can finger her asshole. Very hot stuff. For the grand finale, they fuck each other with a giant two-headed dildo.brbr If youre into girl-girl, youre gonna love this. And if youre not, this video might change your mind.
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Whos The Sexiest 53-Year-Old? Trisha Puts Her Ass On The Line! : Im the sexiest 53-year-old woman that youve ever seen, Trisha says at the start of this scene. But how is she going to prove it? She gives us a clue. I want a big, beautiful cock in my mouth, pussy and ass.brbr Trisha is very sexy. Her tight body looks very fuckable in her little bra and panties. Her long, erect nipples are like pointers peering out over her bra. She slaps her ass and says, I want to get fucked up my ass really hard by a big cock.brbr Well, we sent her J-Mac, whos one of our biggest, and he fills her mouth, pussy and asshole with cock. Trisha seems to have a preference for anal sex, judging by her moans.brbr Heres some background info on Trisha. Her favorite TV show is American Idol. Well forgive her for that. She loves watching football and her favorite team is the Packers. No surprise. Trisha loves getting her holes packed with cock. Her hobbies are riding my Harley and fucking a lot. And her sexual fantasy is getting 10 guys off in 10 minutes. Now, that could be one guy a minute, or she could get them all to explode in the final minute. Who knows? Who cares, as long as were one of those 10 guys. Oh, one more thing Shes married, and her hubby has no problem with her fucking other guys. Thats good news for us, although in all honesty, Trishas so horny, shed probably do it anyway.
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Easy Cum : Newcomer Lani Maru wants to show us what a 54-year-old MILF can do. Well, for starters, she can get us hard, especially when she has a hard body like Lani does and is wearing a sheer top that her nipples poke right through. After putting on a show and playing with her tits for us, Lani gets down to doing what she came to 50PlusMILFs to do suck and fuck cock. Now, this video should be an inspiration to a lot of you guys out there because it proves that you dont have to have a huge cock, or even a big one, to get a woman like Lani or to be a porn stud. Because Lani is sucking that cock like its the greatest thing on Earth, proving its not the meat, its the motion...the motion of the womans mouth, of course. And when he fucks her, she seems happy about it, too. Is Lani easy to satisfy? Well, yeah, I am, she said. Which makes us feel good.
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I Dont Want Romance. I Want Dick! : Those words were said by hard-bodied Chance Evans, a 50-year-old newcomer who doesnt want you to try her like a classy dame. Dont worry about opening the door for her, unless its the door to your bedroom. She wants you to treat her like a slut. Because she is a slut. And at her age, she isnt afraid to admit it.brbr Watch me fuck this guy, this young stud, Chance says during the pre-fuck interview. Ill show him what an old lady does.brbr What does Chance do? Well, she talks dirty while she sucks and fucks. Some examplesbrbr Fuck my mouth with your cock.brMake me cum all over your hard dick.brFuck my pussy. Put it in and fuck me.brOh, baby, what a cock!brIm 50, Im fabulous and Ive just been fucked.brbr She says that last thing while shes licking cum off her fingers. But youll have to get to that first.
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Persia Takes The Anal Plunge The Video : Persia Monir is dressed for suck-cess when this video opens. Shes wearing a sexy, sheer, yellow mini dress over a peach bra, and she tells us, Its going to be the hottest scene because I have the hottest ass. Her hot ass is in peach panties that are crawling up her crack. My little virgin butthole, she says. Are you guys ready for this? You got your cock in your hand? Im so excited to do this.brbr Persia gets the lucky guys cock ready for action by sucking it deep. The guy gets her ass ready by lubricating it with his tongue. Im so glad youre going to be the one to fuck my ass first, she says. You think Im gonna like it? Put a finger in it. Let me get used to it.brbr He plunges a finger deep in her asshole, then lets her taste her ass juices. By the time he finally sticks his cock in her ass, Persias practically begging for it, and she enjoys every thrust. But dont take our word for it. Watch the video. Its what youve been waiting for.
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Persia Takes The Anal Plunge The Interview : Heres the deal For most women, appearing on is a one-time thing. If were gonna have you back, youre gonna have to do something special. Well, heres Persia Monir, the 50-year-old hottie whos making her second appearance at And, yeah, shes doing something special Her first anal scene ever!brbr After watching Persias pussy get pounded by a giant cock in her first appearance, we kinda thought she had it-ahem-in her. And we know shes up for a challenge. So when we asked her if she was interested in popping her anal cherry on camera, she thought about it for a few seconds, then said, Hell, yeah! Why not?brbr So here we go. First, we have todays interview, in which Persia talks about, among other things, getting ready for her first anal scene and some of the unusual places where shes been fucking. She also gives us some golf tips because, if you didnt know it, Persia is a professional golfer. And remember the first rule when playing with Persia Put it in the hole! Of course, now youll have a choice of holes.
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Joanna Gets Fucked In The Ass, The Video! : And now for the main event Joanna Storms first hardcore video in over 20 years...and its her first anal, too! Joanna, wearing a sexy blue and black bra and a little skirt with stockings and a garter belt, starts out by doing a little striptease to get us hard. The stunt cock shows up and Joanna shows off her deep-throat sucking skills with some ball-sucking thrown in, too before the lucky dude goes to work on her tight, shaved pussy. He seems to appreciate the fact that hes fucking a porn legend. And then, just when shes all juiced up, Joanna locks her legs behind her head and opens up her ass. Joanna takes a deep breath, the cock slides right in, and before she knows it, shes getting pounded in her butthole.brbr Am I doing it? Am I doing it? she says. Does it feel tight around your cock? Is my ass wet? You just keep fucking me in my ass, please!
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Circa 1983 A Blast Of Joanna From The Past : Heres a little something to prepare you for Joanna Storms first anal video a scene from 1983s Working It Out, in which Joanna was the featured star. In the first snippet, Joanna has her pussy eaten by Erica Boyer, then eats Ericas pussy and sucks her tits while Herschel Savage looks on. Then Joanna sucks and fucks Eric Edwards.brbr At the time, Joanna was 25. A lot has changed since then, most of it for the better. For one, Joannas tits are now much bigger. Second, notice how hairy her pussy was back then. And, as youll find out in tomorrows video posting, Joanna has become much more adept at sucking cock.brbr This scene is also noteworthy because it reminds us of the differences between porn now and then. Back in the 80s, a premium was placed on production and acting, but as for the the hell did we ever jack to that stuff? Porn is much hotter these days. And if you ask us, so is Joanna.
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1980s Porn Superstar Makes Her Comeback At! : In the 1980s, Joanna Storm was one of the most popular porn stars in the world. She starred in nearly 200 films, including some that are now considered classics. Her name was up in lights back when New York Great White Way was lined with adult movie theaters, and she was a regular on the red carpet at awards shows.brbr But when Joanna retired from porn in the late 1980s, she dropped out of the public eye and was destined to remain nothing more than a fond memory to the millions of men who jacked to her films. Until a few weeks ago, when we received a call from an agent in Los Angeles Joanna was making a age 50!brbr Where had she been? Well, after getting married and having three children, shes now divorced and dancing in New Mexico. What does she look like? Great, as we found out from looking at her test photos. Her body is still tight and right, and it turns out that even 20something porn stars are sexier at age 50.brbr But what would she do that we hadnt seen her do before?brbr I want to do my first anal scene ever, Joanna told us.brbr Hearing that, we couldnt wait to get her back into our studio for this special. The first part is a video interview in which Joanna talks about her career and demonstrates how she trained her ass for her first anal scene. On Tuesday, well see the photos of Joannas first XXX boy-girl in over 20 years...and her first anal ever. Then, on Thursday, the brbr Joannas back...and taking by storm!
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Getting To Know Calliste, Part 4 Calliste Fucks, The Video! : After her day on the town in Miami, Calliste has everything she needs a sexy dress and a pair of fuck shoes. But somethings missing.brbr I never did get that dick, so lets go somewhere where I know Im gonna get some dick, she says.brbr And you know where that is...the studio.brbr I am so fucking horny, Calliste announces as her cock-toy sucks on her tits. She sucks his cock deep she pays attention to his balls, too and says, Im gonna make that cock nice and big so it goes in my pussy and fucks me. When the cock is ready, Calliste perches over it and says, Put that cock in my cunt. You gotta love a chick who says cunt.brbr Theres nothing romantic about this scene. Its just a 50something babe getting the shit fucked out of her and loving every minute of it. We loved every minute of Callistes trip to
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Getting To Know Calliste, Part 2 On The Town! : In Part 2 of Calliste Garnets visit to, we get to spend a day with this sexy 50-year-old in Miami, Florida. In case you havent figured it out by now, a day with Calliste is not like a day with most 50somethings.brbr We get to know a little bit more about her on the drive to Miami Beach, then Calliste changes into a sexy bikini and goes for a walk on the beach. Before long, Calliste is laid out on a blanket, sunning herself and playing with herself. After she works up a good cum, its time for lunch, but even when Calliste isnt naked, shes still hot. First, keep an eye out for some upskirt action intentional and unintentional when she gets out of the van. Second, shes a sexy cigarette smoker. Third, she changes outfits again in the van.brbr All this time, Calliste is getting hornier, and when she goes shopping for lingerie, its to find the perfect outfit for Part 3 of her visit. Thats when she gets the cock she wants and deserves, stay tuned!
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Getting To Know Calliste, Part 1 : Calliste Garnet, a 50-year-old housewife from Las Vegas, Nevada, arrives at ready for action. That means shes wearing a sexy dress and no panties as we find out in the opening minutes of this video. Turns out she just flew in from Vegas, and it was quite an eventful journey. But well let Calliste tell you all about it.brbr I bent over, and this guy noticed I didnt have any panties on and kinda got excited, she said. He sure was interested in talking to me.brbr This is Part One of Getting To Know Calliste. She gets naked fast and reveals her beautiful, firm tits, spreads her pussy and shows us how she keeps it tight and right. Then she tries on sexy outfits as she gets ready to go out and spend a day in sunny Miami, Florida. Thatll be Part Two of Getting To Know Calliste. And as for Parts Three and Four...well, you didnt think wed fly her all the way in from Vegas without getting her some cock, did you?brbr Youre going to enjoy getting to know Calliste at
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All-Over Tan, Overall Slut : Well isnt this the oldest trick in the book? Sasha, an English hottie with a sexy accent, is out by her hot tub, wearing a skimpy blue bikini her big, fake tits are practically popping out of the damn thing!. But the hot tub doesnt work, so she phones her neighbor for some help. The handyman father isnt home, but the son says hell give it a look. Damn right he will.brbr Of course, sonny boy doesnt know what hes doing, but he does catch an eyeful of Sashas body. And he is handy with his cock.brbr I want to get an all-over tan, she said. Do you wanna see my all-over tan?brbr Yeah, he does, and before he knows it, Sashas stripping down to nothing, exposing her shaved pussy, and shes giving his cock an all-over sucking. Then her pussy gives his cock an all-over fucking. He finishes her off by cumming all over her tits. The hot tub never gets fixed. But we suspect it was never broken in the first place.
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No Talking In The Library...But Fuckings Okay! : Demi La Rue is a 55-year-old, and that makes her responsible and happy to do her job at the local college library. She keeps everything in order and shelves books like its nobodys business. But Demi is living a double life! You see, she might be a prim and proper librarian by day, but at night, she loves to go dancing in barely there outfits so she can entice younger guys to rub up on her and touch her and maybe even take her home for some ass-pounding. Yeah, we said ass-pounding. So its almost a blessing in disguise when one of the students at her school, 21-year-old Seth, recognizes her from the club he frequents. He knows that under her librarian outfit lies the heart of a cougar so he moves in for a little bit of trim and winds up with his dick up Demis ass on her desk in the library! Theres no one telling them to keep their voices down when these two go at it on the desk and against the bookshelf. Demi may know which slot to put the books back into, but this guy shows her that he knows which slit to drive his cock into. Who would have known the library was the place to go for a good read AND a good lay?
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Southern Charm : The tables are turned in this video. Usually its our horny photographers who are trying to get into the panties of the sexy 50somethings and 60somethings. This time, Katia, a 55-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, is the photographer whos trying to get into the pants of her male model.brbr You know youre turning me on, Carlo, she says, but he seems oblivious. She has him take off his clothes, but when she says, Unbuckle your pants. Dont be shy, he hesitates.brbr My agent didnt tell me about this, he says. What kind of shoot is this?brbr Well, Carlo, buddy, if you must know, its the kind of shoot in which the hot MILF photographer sucks your cock and then has you fuck her pussy and ass. Its that kind of shoot, if you want to know the truth.brbr By the way, one of the best things about this video is that we get to hear Katias sexy Southern accent. She says things like, Why dont you take it off for me, darlin? If it was us, she wouldnt have had to ask twice.
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Broken Glass, Fucking Ass! : Destiny Anne, a 52-year-old MILF from Tampa Bay, Florida, is sitting on her couch, enjoying the afternoon. Translation Shes rubbing her pussy underneath her sexy white panties and playing with her big, plastic tits. Theyre DD-cups, and shes only five-feet tall, which means shes short and stacked, but thats a story for another time. For now, weve got a great birds-eye view of her tits and pussy, and Destiny Anne is moaning, really getting into herself. And then...brbr Crash!brbr Son of a bitch! The newspaper boy just just chucked the daily paper through Destiny Annes front window, scattering glass all over the place! Destinys pissed, not because of the messy cleanup or the expense involved but because she was just about to cum.brbr Who broke my window? she stands up and says. She tucks her tits back into her lingerie top, opens the front door and says, Hey, you, get in here. Did you do this? Whos gonna pay for this?brbr Well, it turns out that the newspaper dude is gonna pay for it, and not with his hard-earned tip money but with his hard cock.brbr I think you need to take care of me since I couldnt take care of myself, Destiny says before getting down on her knees and sucking his cock.brbr Pussy fucking follows, of course, followed by a special treat Destiny Anne takes the newspaper boy in her tight ass. And not just the tip. No. Tips are for a job well done. This guy broke her window, and Destiny wants the whole thing.
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Tender Loving Care : You know how much it used to suck to go down to the school nurse? First of all, they never seemed to know what they were doing. Theyd just take your temperature and send you back to class. Second, the school nurses were all big, square women who looked like theyd never had any cock in their lives.brbr Obviously, things have changed. Elle Denay, a 50-year-old from Austin, Texas, is the nurse in this school, and from the looks of her, were guessing a lot of male students are making believe theyre sick. When this scene opens, theres a young dude sitting in a chair, looking like hes been on the wrong end of a fight. Elle says to somebody on the phone, Im gonna take care of him.brbr Well, the more Elle takes care of him, the more turned-on she gets, and the better he feels. Before long, hes grabbing her ass and sucking on her tits, and then she gets down on her knees and sucks his big dick. Yeah, for a young guy, he has a big schlong.brbr The climax of this scene comes later on, when Elle is bouncing up and down on his cock while fingering her ass.brbr Do you want me to put it in your ass? the student asks. Do you want me to fuck your ass?brbr Watch the video and find out if Elle is a good nurse or a very bad nurse.
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Youre One Fucking Hot Tailor! : Nicole Moore, 51 from Pasadena, California, is a sexy seamstress wearing a white, D-cup-revealing top and a sexy red skirt. Shes on her hands and knees, working on a guys trousers while the dude calls his girlfriend.brbr Im getting tailored, the guy tells his girlfriend while Nicole plays with his cock through his new pants. This guys babbling a mile a minute as Nicole turns up the stroking intensity, and when he gets off the phone, she says, So, how long do we have?brbr We have about 30 minutes, the guy says. Do you think you can get the job done in 30 minutes?brbr Well, maybe Nicole cant tailor a suit in 30 minutes, but she can definitely get him off.brbr Youre one fucking hot tailor, he says. Youre fucking hotter than my 25-year-old girlfriend.brbr Thats right, buddy, she is. And dont you forget it.
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Sindy Swank Means Business : Now this is how you run a business meeting! Youre the boss, but Sindy Swank thinks she knows whats best for your company, even though its been in your family for 54 years. You tell her, Were going to do things the traditional way, but she counters with, These days, women have the power. Now youve got her exactly where you want her because shes gonna prove it. And how is she gonna prove it? You know how!brbr So this 54-year-old divorcee from Virginia bends over and says, Pull my skirt off, then demands, Lick my ass, now! She thinks shes teaching you a lesson in business, but this is exactly what your cock wanted all the time.brbr Put four fingers in there, she demands. Put four fingers in my pussy! Fuck me!brbr So you slide four fingers into her pussy and when she says, Keep fucking me! Dont stop fucking me! the truth is you have no intention of stopping. Because soon, its gonna be your turn.brbr So she gets down on her knees and sucks your cock and balls. By now, she thinks youre coming around to her way of running a company, but in fact, this is what you had in mind all along. She really stuffs her face into your balls, and then you fuck her mouth, pumping, pumping. When she sucks your balls, your rod brushes against her cheek, and if you dont get into her pussy soon, your balls are going to explode.brbr Best fucking meeting weve ever had in this company, you say as you fuck her on the table, and this time, you mean it.brbr Oh, yes, youre the best boss Ive ever had! Sindy says as your balls slap against her asshole.brbr Dont you know it.
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Knowing Where To Deposit The Rent : The way things work in real life, if we are late on our rent, some 300-pound, muscle-bound mean, sweaty guy comes to our door and threatens to throw us out on our ass. But thats why we love porn Because things happen the way we want them to happen.brbr In this video, divorcee Lacey Westin is a landlord. An angry landlord. Her tenant is three-months late on his rent, and she breaks into his apartment, raging mad. But the guy doesnt have any money.brbr Fortunately for him, Lacey is horny and accepts cock deposits in her mouth and pussy. In all honesty, if all landlords were like Lacey, rent would never get paid.
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An Offer No Man Could Refuse : When we posted the photo version of this scene, we called Erica Lauren the Dean of Ass Fuck U. Well, while it might be true that few women in the world are more accomplished than Erica at getting fucked in the butt, in this scene, shes not the Dean of Ass Fuck U. Shes actually Ass Fuck Us student recruiter. And, like any good recruiter, shes going to do everything she can to lure the best students to her school.brbr One of the great things about Erica is that she doesnt look like a porn star or what most people think a porn star looks like. Sure, shes beautiful, but if you saw her at the mall or the grocery store, you wouldnt think, Woman who loves to get her ass slammed on camera. Youd think, Pretty housewife. Also in keeping with that non-porn star image, Erica has a bushy pussy.brbr So heres Erica playing a sexily dressed college admissions officer who shows up at a prospective students house for an impromptu interview. The student seems like a total deadbeat, sitting around playing video games, but the school must really want him because Erica literally puts her ass on the line--actually, on his cock--to get him to sign up. And if he doesnt, well, we dont think that Erica will have a problem spreading her horny ass for the next prospect.
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Persia Rides The Pole : In this video, Persia Monir plays a woman whos auditioning for a job as a stripper. She should be able to get the job on looks alone, but the guy obviously wants to fuck her, and he does. Watch Persia dance. Watch her suck cock. Watch her pussy get drilled by a giant dick onstage. Theres some very hot stuff in this video, and heres why Its not fiction. Theres a lot of truth in this video.brbr Truth No. 1 Persia really is a stripper.brTruth No. 2 Persia really does love to fuck.brbr Im just as horny now as I was when I was younger, she said. I think my orgasms are bigger now, and as an older woman, Im not afraid to say what I want. I dont suffer in bed, Ill tell you that. I have a good time!brbr Persia hopes you have a good time watching her having a good time. This is a great video, and Persia is a great fuck toy. And thats the truth!
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He Wanted Her Son, But He Came For Her : This video answers the age-old question, If a recruiter from the armed services came to your door, trying to recruit your son or daughter, what would you do?brbr Vivi Ana, A 54-year-old MILF, knows exactly what she would do. Shed fuck him. Of course, first shed slobber all over his cock, but then shed fuck him. And suck him, again.brbr Because Vivi sucks cock and balls very well, thank you.brbr This raunchy Italian hottie doesnt mess around. She swallows the Marine recruiters cock down to the root, and when she gets down there, she sees something else she likes. Yeah, balls! So she stops sucking his cock for a moment and buries her mouth in his nut-sac, as if shes trying to swallow the whole damn thing. At this point, the recruiter isnt thinking, What can I do for my country? Hes thinking, What can this chicks hot cunt do for me? Quite a bit, as it turns out. But youll have to see for yourself.brbr Salute!
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For Your Viewing Pleasure, For Her Pleasure : When we posted the photo version of this video, we pointed out that Gia Giancarlo fucks like a woman. Here, she gets to prove it, in live action, as her nicely trimmed but not shaved pussy gets filled to the rim by a strangers cock. Gia enjoys every minute of it.brbr The reason I chose to do this is because I love to fuck, she said. Its really not much more difficult than that. Anytime I can suck on a cock or have a guy fuck me until I cum hard, its a blast for me. Ive met a lot of great people doing this and have had a lot of fun. But the reason I keep doing it is because I love the feeling I get from sex. And I love that at my age, you still want to see me do it!brbr Gia plans to watch this video, maybe with a special man. He might be shocked when he sees his friend fucking on camera. Or he might just pull out his cock and decide to sample the real thing.brbr And if he doesnt, Gia said, Ill pull it out for him. Im a mature woman. Im not shy.
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Delivery In The Rear : For her first on-camera fuck anywhere, 59-year-old Summeran Winters reenacts one of our favorite scenarios MILF seduces the delivery boy. Now, if youve ever been a delivery boy, you know this kind of thing happens all the time. Real-life MILFs really do seduce the delivery boy, whether its the pizza guy or the supermarket guy.brbr The thing is, though, usually, the delivery boy is on the receiving end of the best blow job of his life. In rare instances, he gets some pussy to fuck. But how often does he get to fuck the MILF in the ass? Almost never, which is what makes this scene so special. That and the fact that he gets to fuck Summeran in the ass on the kitchen table.brbr In my personal life, I love anal sex, so why wouldnt I want to have anal sex my first time in front of the camera, Summeran said. Some people make a big deal out of anal sex, but to me, whats the difference between me having a penis in my pussy or a penis in my ass?brbr By our estimate, a few inches, at most.
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Josette Gets A Deep, Penetrating Massage : Josette Lynn, a 54-year-old divorcee from South Florida, goes for a massage and gets the complete spa treatment cock in her mouth, pussy and still-tight asshole.brbr Now thats a day of relaxation I could really get into! Josette said.brbr You can see in this video that the masseuse, despite how little time he actually spends working on Josette Lynns muscles and loosening them up as opposed to how much time she spends on his muscle, must be giving her a pretty good massage. How do we know that? Because his cock has no trouble sliding into the tightest orifice in her body her asshole.brbr The key to enjoying anal sex is complete relaxation, Josette pointed out. If youre too tense, the guys not going to even be able to get his dick in, and thats no good. I dont need a guy fighting with my asshole when hes trying to fuck me. I want him to know his cock is welcome.brbr 50-plus MILFs...dont you love them?
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Jeri Does A Big Cock : I was really excited about doing my first boy-girl scene, but then I saw the size of the guys cock they put me with, said South Carolina divorcee Jeri Does. Then I started getting scared.brbr No worries, Jeri. Our man is a pro, and he loves fucking mature women. He handled Jeri with care. Got her pussy all wet and squishy before he shoved his cock inside.brbr I must admit, though, I had a hard time getting my mouth around his cock, Jeri said. Usually I can deep-throat a guy, but him? No way! But once I got into it, it was very exciting. He didnt have to eat my pussy to get me wet. I was already soaked!brbr Jeri doesnt know if she wants to do this again or if it was a one-time thrill.brbr I enjoyed it, but Ive never seen myself as a porn star, Jeri said. Then again, if I could handle this guys cock, I could probably take anything. Maybe Im ready to find out.
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Sweating To The Fucking Oldies : Chanel Carrera has a knowing, mature face and a tight body. She knows shes hot. Otherwise, she wouldnt have had the guts to seduce the young male gardener. As for the tight body, Chanel fucks in some very acrobatic positions, positions you have to be in shape to do, like when shes upside-down on the couch and getting pile-driven by that lucky dudes cock.brbr I love working out, and fucking gives me a very energetic workout, she said. If Im not sweating when Im fucking, somethings wrong, especially in some of the positions we did for this video. Sometimes I like to do stuff like this to see if its even possible, but the only way Ill do it again is if it feels good. This definitely felt good!brbr Were glad that we were able to make Chanel happy. Shes certainly making us happy.
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Bottom Line Randi Is Hot : When tax season arrives, you need an accountant like Randi who knows how to take care of you...and we mean that in more ways than one. Here, Randi is an accountant who is trying to balance her clients books, but hes more interested in banging her box. Hey, tax season is stressful, and theres nothing like a good fuck to relieve tension, right?brbr Definitely! said Randi, who is single, comes from Detroit, Michigan, has never been married and is, in fact, an accountant in real life. Ive been known to fuck a few attractive clients here and there. My job can get a little boring at times, and theres nothing like a little action on the side to spice things up. When Im working, Im mostly business...except for the times when I wear no panties underneath my short skirts. A lot of my clients know that Im an easy fuck.brbr What a lot of her clients dont know is that Randi is also a dominatrix whos into hot-cum facials and gets off on the idea of guys watching her masturbating. In her mind, the very idea of you guys watching this video of her fucking and sucking a strangers cock is the hottest thing she can imagine.brbr You know what Id love to do? she asked. Id love to watch a guy masturbating to this video of me, but he doesnt know Im in the room. Hes just watching my scene on the computer with his dick in his hand, and Im standing by the door playing with my soaking-wet pussy. Thats hot!brbr It is. So is Randis video. Enjoy it with your cock out. Somebody might be watching.
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The Gardener Plows Deannas Ass : Heres a scenario that long-time porn watchers have seen many times lady gets horny watching the gardener work and invites him in for a drink. They end up fucking. But heres what make this scene special Its DeAnnas first video fuck, and she takes it up the ass!brbr You know, one of the great things about is that we dont rely on porn stars to get us off. Oh, sure, there are a few girls on this site who have been around the porn block-and theyre special ladies, to be sure-but most of the women you see here are the housewife or divorcee-next-door. Theyre women who dont plan to make a living out of fucking on camera. Oh, sure, theyre picking up some extra money for shopping or maybe to take a trip. But most of them are doing it for one reason Theyre fulfilling a long-time fantasy.brbr Im almost 60, and I thought it was time to cross this one off of my to-do list, she said. Ive seen the Grand Canyon. Ive been to a lot of famous places. Ive been to swingers clubs. But Ive never done this until now. And Im glad I did.brbr Will she do it again? Who knows? But we do know this 411 DeAnna Bentley can really take a cock up her ass. And that makes her special.
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My, Grandma, What A Nice Mouth You Have! : Theres obviously something up here from the start. After all, what is Grandma Honey Ray doing walking around the house in sexy lingerie while her granddaughter is making out with her boyfriend on the couch? So when Honey sends her granddaughter out on an errand, we know exactly whats up, and so does everyone else. Of course, the boyfriends cock gets up in a hurry.brbr There are a few things about this video that wed like to point out. The first is that Honey has really nice tits. She says she wears a C-cup bra, but we bet shed fit better into a D-cup. And the second...well, well let Honey tell you.brbr I love to suck cock, she said. I just love how a hard cock feels in my mouth. I even like having a soft cock in my mouth and feeling it get harder as I suck. Sometimes Ill suck a mans cock for so long and I dont even realize it, and then hes cumming in my mouth and Im thinking, Damn! Now he cant fuck me. Of course, I have ways of getting him ready again.brbr Were sure she does. Honey Ray is just more proof that mature women are better in bed than younger women. 50somethings are better than 40somethings. And Honey Ray keeps getting better.
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An Hour To Fuck : Im fucking more than I ever have in my life, said Luna Azul, a pushing-60 swinger from Los Angeles, California. I dont care how old a guy is. I dont even care what he looks like, as long as he has a hard cock and knows how to lick my pussy.brbr In this scene, Luna is tidying up her house, waiting for her son to come home. When her sons friend shows up, Luna, who has wanted his cock for a long time, tells him they have an hour to kill, so why not fuck? Hey, why not?brbr You wanna know the truth? Luna said. This scene isnt just a fantasy. Its something Ive done in real life.brbr Have you ever heard of, friend with benefits? Thats when youre friends with a woman-just friends-but you get to fuck her once in a while, too. So, you get all the benefits of having a girlfriend without all the hassles dates, remembering birthdays, visiting her parents, etc.. Well, if youre a guy, and your best friend has a mom who looks like Luna, and that mom wants to fuck you...well, that friend of yours? Hes a friend with benefits. And the benefit is his mom.brbr If youve ever had a friend with a mom like Luna, then lucky you.
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Alanah Rae Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Kelly : Alanah Rae commands the attention of men and can get them to do anything she wants. She proves her ability to make men do things they normally wouldnt do when she gets two guys Kelly and Ely to have a dance off with the winner getting to fuck her. These two guys dance their hearts out as they fight for the right to be the lucky guy who gets to fuck Porn Star Alanah Rae. At Immoral Productions there are no losers so Kelly still wins a blow job from Alanah even though Ely wins the dance-off. This is a classic episode as Kelly and Alanah Rae team up like Fred Astarie and Ginger Rodgers and dance their way into Blow Job Winner history.
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Allyssa Hall Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Johnny : Cute 19 year old porn star Alyssa Hall walks up on her lucky Blow Job Winner Johnny as he sits quietly by his pool. This anonymous winner never shows his face. We let him shoot the scene himself point of view style. This young tramp loves talking dirty while sucking dick. Alyssa Hall spends extra time and attention on her winners head gently licking it with the her pierced tongue. Young Alyssa gets so turned on sucking cock her tight pussy gets wet which she gleefully shows to her lucky winner. Her lucky fan directs her to suck the tip of his cock while she jerks it with her hand in unison. She begs for all his cum and happily he squirts it right into her mouth. Alyssa Hall is so happy with herself she asks our winner to tell his friends so she can blow them too.
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Amanda Blue Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Rick : Porn Star Amanda Blue walks through the sliding glass door of our lucky winner Ricks home and lets him know that is in store for a great time as she is going to suck his cock. Our Blowjob Winner decides to stay incognito and we never learn his full identity. Amanda wastes no time to start sucking and slurping on his dick. Amanda Blue is proud of her cock sucking skills she even says she bets she is better than our winners girlfriend. Amanda shows off by giving a hands free deep throat bragging that it is probably the best blowjob our winner has ever received. Our lucky winner doesnt disagree and neither would you when you see the way this porn pro sucks down dick.
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Amber Lynn Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Jon : Porn legend Amber Lynn is one of the all time greats in porn. She has won every award and accolade in the adult business. Our lucky winner Jon from Michigan starts to talk sports with Porno Dan, but Amber cuts them short. Its all business when it comes to this lovely lady. Amber Lynn takes our Rasputin looking fellow with his crazy eyes upstairs and puts him on the bed. Amber Lynn gives Jon a very forceful blowjob. After four minutes Jon cant hold back and he pops his load all over her. Who can blame our lucky lad for popping so soon, we are talking about Amber Lynn.
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Angelina Ashe Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Mike : All natural beauty that is what first comes to mind when you mention Porn Star Angelina Ashe. She is so hot she could turn heads at the Miss USA competition. When Angelina Ashes lucky winner Mike sees her, his eyes look as if they are going to pop out of his head. Angelina starts working on Mikes cock with long passionate licks and flicks of her soft moist tongue and proceeds to give him a super sloppy and wet blow job. Angelina Ashe then calls over her fluffer Tanner Mayes and together they take turns making this lucky personal trainers life complete. The look in Mikes eyes is a priceless one of extreme pleasure and shock that this blonde goddess is really giving him the best blowjob of his life. Mike is thankful for the hours he spends in the gym as he gets the workout of lifetime from sexy Angelina Ashe.
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Angelina Valentine Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Luke : Exotic and Erotic are the first two words that come to mind when looking at Latina Bombshell Angelina Valentine. This brunette beauty stands five foot four and is a very petite one hundred pounds with huge DD tits. Angelina Valentine has deep brown eyes and the most succulent lips you have ever seen. Angelina swallows Accountant Lukes cock with ease and demonstrates how she just won the XRCO Award for Deep Throat Artist of the Year. Luke is taken aback by Angelinas cock sucking skills and tells her he will give her tax advice for life just for another chance to have her wet lips around his cock. Watch to see why Angelina Valentine is an award winning cock sucker!
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Ann Marie Rios Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Chris : Porno Dan introduces porn star Ann Marie Rios to her lucky winner Chris in a balloon filled room. After a brief seductive dance Anne Marie gets down to business and licks the chest of her lucky winner Chris. Ann Marie Rios likes being ordered to do things, and loves it when her winner commands her to lick his balls. Anne Marie spits all over his cock and into his mouth, while she gives him a very rough blow job. Ann Marie Rios takes his belt and wraps it around his neck while she sits on his face so they can 69. There is no denying that this is one cock crazy slut. When you see the way Ann Marie Rios attacks our winners cock you will wish she was attacking you!
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Ashli Orion Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Nate : Ashli Orion is five foot four with perky A cup boobs that any small tit fan will adore, and a HUGE giant 41 inch ass that big booty lovers will worship. Ashli Orion has her dream come true with her lucky blow job winner Nate. He admits to us that he has a small tit fetish. Even though we had never heard of this fetish before we made a perfect match here at Blow Job Winner. Ashli Orion licks and sucks Nates cock like she is trying to impress a first date. Ashli Orion does such a great job that we have to invited her back to be the fluffer for a future Blowjob Winner episode.
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Audrianna Angel Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Johnny : Porn Star Audrianna Angel shows up at the hotel of her lucky winner Johnny and makes his day by telling him that he is the Blow Job Winner. Our startled guest asks when he is going to receive his prize and Audrianna Angel tells him, right now. She blows him will he films it point of view or POV style right on the balcony. Audrianna Angel deep throats Johnny with ease and plays with his balls nice and slow. She gives his shaft nice long tender licks and then goes back to his balls. Finally Audrianna Angel uses a half handjob, half blowjob technique where she jacks the shaft of his dick while she sucks the head in her mouth. Johnny cant hold on any longer and cum on her face!
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Brooke Haven Giving a Blowjob to Lucky Winner Gilbert : Big and buff Blow Job Winner Gilbert works at the warehouse of Pure Play - the distributors for Immoral Productions. We thought he would be the hands down winner of the pushup contest which was used to decide which fan would win what prize from Brooke Haven. Well we were wrong - he came in second and experienced a blow job second to none from Brooke. Brooke told us blowjobs are her speciality and it made us wonder if Gilbert was our first contestant to throw a contest. Gilbert told us Brooke gave him the best blow job of his life as he proudly strutted out of our studio.
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Brynn Tyler Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Dale : Porn Star Brynn Tyler is a cute as button blonde hair blue eyed All American girl. She stands five foot seven inches tall with firm C cup natural breasts, a nice round ass, and the cutest little muffin. Brynn Tylers natural beauty and big blue eyes will captivate you when see her sucking cock. You will wish that you were Dale. Dale is a construction worker that gets his tool worked over by Brynn and the lovely teen sex machine Tanner Mayes who is making her first appearance on a Blow Job Winner episode as the official fluffer girl. Brynn Tyler and Tanner Mayes make Dales porn star dreams come true. Dale tells us all the years he was picked on for being a Ginger were worth it after having Brynn Tyler and Mayes suck him off!
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Cindy Hope Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Carlo : Our lucky blowjob winner Carlo is a former minor league baseball player who made it all the way to AAA. He came so close to making it in the major leagues and now he has decided to try his hand at the major leagues of porn by moving out here to Los Angeles. We figured this former jock deserves a chance and so we give him a shot at Blow Job Winner by pairing him up with one of the top porn stars in all of Europe Cindy Hope. Cindy seemed almost as excited as Carlo is and she sucks his cock like the true euro pro ho that she is. Watch as Cindy Hope drains this jocks cock dry. Carlo really knocks it out of the park giving one of the best blow job winner performances to date.
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Dahlia Denyle Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Mike : Our winner Mike arrives home and finds Porn Star Dahlia Denyle sitting in his living room on a sex swing. Our shocked homeowner is told by Dahlia Denyle he is a Blow Job Winner and to come get his prize. A very surprised Mike wastes no time in pulling down his pant. He has her give him a blow job while suspended from the sex swing. Dahlia is positioned so she is perfectly level with his dick. She attacks his cock and deep throats it with ease. Dahlia Denyle truly enjoys devouring his dick and makes the sexiest noises while it goes deep down past her tonsils. Our lucky winner Mike face fucks Dahlia Denyle while she holds his cock shaft in her hands. He paints her smiling face and tits with his cum, and is one happy guy.
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Danica Blue Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Jose : Santana is from Mexico City, Mexico. He gets the once in a lifetime treat of getting a blow job from the beautiful Porn Star Danica Blue. Danica is a five foot ten inches tall blonde babe with prefect size 34 C breasts. Our very nervous blowjob winner is very quiet throughout the blowjob as we think he is in shock, that a drop dead gorgeous porn star is sucking his dick. Danica Blue has no problem deep throating our lucky blowjob winner, and he responds by shooting his seed into her mouth. It is the first blow job Santana has had in over two years, we feel like we did our good deed for the day by helping out this lucky fellow.
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Deena Daniels Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Jeremy : Young Porn Star Deena Daniels walks to the hotel room of her lucky blowjob winner Jeremy who cant get over his luck. Deena Daniels starts off by licking the stomach, legs and then kissing her lucky winner. Deena Daniels slowly works her way to his cock. Once Deena starts sucking his cock, she lets him know how much she loves the taste of cock, and deep throats him. She makes sure that our lucky blowjob winner enjoys every second of his prize. She even lets Jeremy finger her wet cunt. Then Deena agrees to 69 him so he can eat her pretty pink pussy. After that Deena Daniels positions herself with her head hanging off the couch so Jeremy can fuck her mouth. When he cums all over face you can tell this is one slut who really lives to please men.
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Delilah Strong Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Rob : Delilah Strong is a second generation porn star and former contract girl. Delilah Strongs mother was a porn star in the early 80s and her sister did her porn as well... Talk about keeping it in the family. Delilah Strong stands 5 foot nine inches tall with nice natural D cup tits, an amazing 42 inch ass, dirty blonde hair, and deep brown eyes. Delilah Strong shows she is slut supreme to her lucky Blowjob Winner Rob the security guard. Delilah is joined by fluffers Shania Beverly and Tanner Mayes who make this the ultimate blowjob of a lifetime by treating Rob to a three way bj!
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Gina Lynn Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Mikey : Blow Job Winner Mikey is greeted with much fanfare and celebration. Mikey gets covered in silly string and streamers as he walks in our location to meet Adult Film Superstar Gina Lynn. Gina gets to know her lucky blowjob winner Mikey, a waiter from Woodland Hills in an intimate fashion right away. Gina Lynn proceeds to deep throat this lucky kid down to his balls. Gina comments how much she likes Mikeys big fat cock and beats it against her amazing tits. Gina Lynn continues to deep throat Mikey like only a true porn star can. She uses both her hands and mouth to make him shot a huge load of cum all the way down her throat.
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Gina Lynn Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Tom : Our blowjob winner Tom comes through the door and receives a very festive welcome. The whole place erupts in cheers and he gets covered with silly string. His dream girl Gina Lynn is eager to blow him, so eager she starts to undress him in right the living room. Gina is feeling very aggressive and whips Tom with his own belt. After some more spankings Gina Lynn gets down to business. She sucks his cock all the way down to his balls, and has Tom whip his meat against her face. He spurts his jizz all over her face. He gets his jollies slapping Gina Lynns face with cock much to the delight of everyone watching.
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Harmony Rose Sucking Off Her Lucky Blow Job Winner Stephen : This is the final blow job of Harmonys long and illustrious career. Her lucky fan Stephen is from South Carolina and is an aspiring musician out her in Hollywood. To make sure this is a blowjob no one will ever forget we have three fluffers on set Amy Brooke Isis Monroe and Sadie Swede. Lucky Stephen eats the girls pussy and plays with the tits of all these girls while Harmony blows him. Poor Stepehn cant cum so Porno Dan steps in has Harmony blow him and he shoots his wad in her mouth and she rides into the sunset like a true champion.
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Jessica Valentino Gags of the Big Cock of Blowjob Winner Phil : Jessica Valentino is known for great blowjob skills and her lucky winner phil was very excited to receive one. But this medical marijuana sales clerk had to agree to a special condition before he was allowed to get his blowjob. He had to allow Jessica and her fluffers Alanah Rae and Danica Dillan squirt all over him before he got sucked off. Well all three girls let loose and coated him a tidal wave of sweet squirt juice. phil was so turned on that his cock swelled and grew to an enormous eleven inches. Yes this nature-loving cannabis connoisseur was packing some serious wood of his own. Jessica said it was the biggest cock she had ever sucked but being the good little cock sucker she gave it her all and made him spurt all over her face.
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Kacey Jordan Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Mike : Kacey Jordan is so adorable. Kacey is only five foot four, tan, toned, and 95 pounds. Guys love her cute firm A cup tits, bright blue eyes, and perfect puffy pussy. Today is Kacey Jordans first day back in Porn Valley after a yearlong sabbatical, we are so happy that she decided to do her comeback scene with us. She sucks her lucky blowjob winner Mike from San Francisco. Kacey Jordan gives him a treat that he will never forget as she sucks him off like she was the prize winner, not him. Mike begs us for a chance to come back and he sold us. We agreed to have Mike do a future episode of Fuck A Fan!
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Kenzi Marie Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Dick : When Kenzi Marie comes through the big double doors of our blowjob winners home our lucky winner cannot get over how cute she is. When you see Kenzi Maries perfectly tight and toned body you will understand his excitement. Kenzi goes to our winners room and proceeds to suck his balls. She comments how big there are, and how she loves sucking on them. The Kenzi Marie lies on the ground and plays with her wet young pussy. Once you see her deep throat abilities, you will see why she has received numerous adult industry award nominations for her cock sucking skills. Our lucky blowjob winner succumbs to her skills giving Kenzi Marie his hot cum load!
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Kiara Diane Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Alex : Kiara Diane may well be the most photogenic por star to enter into the adult industry in years. She is five foot nine inches tall blue eyeed blonde with firm breasts in prefect proportion to the rest of her hot body. Her lucky blowjob winner Alex surprises Kiara with his large cock. One look into Kiaras eyes and you can tell that she love sucking cock. Watch as Kiara Diane fulfills Alexs porn star fantasy by giving him a sloppy wet blowjob!
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Kylie Reese Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Johnny : Sexy blonde babe Kylie Reese walks into our startled our blow job winners house. She shocks him when he finds out he has won a blowjob from her. We let our lucky winner shots this point of view or POV style. Kylie has beautiful big blue eyes and gazes lustfully at our winner with them while she deep throats his cock. Kylie Reese rubs her soft pierced tits against him while she blows him. She gives him sloppy wet blow job and uses tons of spit. Kylie enjoys tickling the balls of our blowjob winner and beating his cock against her open mouth. Kylie does a great job jerking and spitting on his hard dick. She eagerly swallows up her every last drop of his cum, and proudly proclaims that she will gladly suck off anyone who wins!
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Larin Lane Goes Down on Blowjob Winner Brads Dick : Sexy blonde Porn Star Larin Lane meets our lucky Blowjob Winner Brad in our LA porn pad. Brad can hardly believe how luck he is to win a blowjob from Larin Lane. Brad is a film student so we let him live his dream of shooting a porn movie and he is the star. Larin Lane gives one of the best blowjobs in the adult industry. Larin asks Brad how he likes his blowjobs slow or fast and how sloppy. Larin proceeds to work her oral magic on on Brads hard cock. Watch as Larin milks his cock with her mouth until he explodes his load all over her tits.
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Mason Moore Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Chris : Mason Moore has been in the adult industry for over a year now and is just so damn sexy. Her lucky winner Chris is an accountant. The guys around his office are going to be talking about this for years. Mason loves sucking dick and has no problem taking his long dick balls deep into her soft mouth and down her throat. She caresses his balls and plays with this penis. Mason Moore has her buddies Amy Brooke and Angel Vain come over to help her. These porn star hotties all share his hot cum load for a cum swap that you will wish you were the one whos cum they were snowballing.
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Phoenix Marie Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Colin : Phoenix Marie is a porn superstar whose popularity is second to none according to our friends at Free Ones. Phoenix Marie is girl you envision when you say porn star. She has long flowing blonde hair, blue eyes, huge tits, and is tanned with an amazing voluptuous ass. She works over blowjob winner Colin with her professional porn star cock sucking skills that one can only learn from sucking countless cocks on film. Phoenix Marie is joined for some hot double blowjob action by our official Immoral Productions fluffer Tanner Mayes. These porn stars team up to make Colin ultimate porn fantasy come true as they down his dick!
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Riley Evans Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Jon : Blow Job Winner Jon won his blow job from Porn Star Riley Evans as the result of superior skills at rock-scissors-paper. He told us he sizes up his opponents and uses his intellect to anticipate what they will throw and then counters with his move. Whatever the secret to his success it definitely works and he won a blow job from Riley Evans. Riley sucked his cock like only a true porn star such as Riley can. Jon must have really been enjoying himself because he had Riley suck his cock for almost an entire hour. She finally called in her fluffers Amy Brooke and Danica Diilan and together these three lovely ladies were able to drain the cum out of him.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Blowjob Winner Mike Getting Blown by Porn Star Sara Faye : Mike wins the opportunity to be on Blow Job Winner by getting hard second during the wacky game of Sara Faye Says. Sara is obviously attracted to Mike as she helps him get hard while the other contestants cry foul it is called Sara says and she makes the rules. Sara Faye sits Mike down and gives him a blowjob which by her own admission is her specialty. Mike agrees with Sara as he gets rock hard in seconds and has to fight back busting in her mouth the entire time. Sara Faye then shows her off deep throats skills Mike cannot handle the pleasure from her hot wet mouth any longer and busts a huge cum load all over Saras pretty face.
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Sara Jay Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Mack : Sara Jay is built like a brick shithouse. She has the most amazing big round ass and huge tits on a woman with a tiny little waist you will ever see. Our lucky blowjob winner Mack met us on Fuck A Fan and was so taken by his experience he took a job working at our warehouse just so he could spend more time with us. He even made the effort to make us Paul, a giant anti-fertility God to protect our sets. After he made us this offering we had no choice, but to let him get a blowjob from Sara Jay. Sara Jay gives Mack a sloppy wet blow job with her trademark twisting and turning technique. Mack is the happiest man alive and rewards Saras efforts with a huge blast of his spunk. Sara happily swallows every last drop of his cum.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Shawna Lenee Blowing Her Lucky Website Member Ryan : Shawna Lenee is one of the prettiest girls in the adult industry proof of this fact is she is the Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner Up. She is a perky short blue eyed blonde that is truly beautiful. Her very lucky Blow Job Winner Ryan is a brain scientist and is probably the smartest guy we have ever had on our set. Shawna Lenee shows this genius that she is an expert at sucking cock as she makes Ryan comes with ease. Then Shawna takes his cum and swaps it with her buddies Amy Brooke and McKenzee Baan. Porn stars snowballing cum is always a hot bonus.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Sindee Jennings Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Phil : Sindee Jennings is one kinky girl. She says she has sucked off over 400 cocks in her life. Her lucky fan Phil is a renaissance man meaning he is a jack of all trades who is a master of everything yet nothing. He was allowed to come back on our show as he our fan of the month. Slutty little Sindee tells him how its her boyfriend birthday and rather than spending the day with him she is here sucking and fucking three fans. Her sexy buddy fluffer Ashli Orion comes over and helps her suck cock Sindee taught her to suck dick in one of her first scenes many moons ago and now they are sucking this lucky guys cock together. They suck the sperm right out of him and then swap his cum.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Tara Lynn Foxx Sucking Off Lucky Blowjob Winner Sasquatch : Tara Lynn Foxx has the biggest natural dick sucking lips on any girl we have ever seen. By her own admission she has no idea how many guys she has blown, but she thinks it is well over 500 men. She tells us a tale of how she blew 5 random guys off camera throughout the day. She even blew a real loser because she hopes he reads this and he stops demanding blow jobs from porn girls with the false pretense he will get them on the cover of Fox Magazine. Her lucky winner Sasquatch is a mountain of man standing over 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing over 300 pounds. He is big but is no match for Tara Lynns moist cock sucking lips. Sasquatch has the added bonus of being blown by our busty 32 DD fluffer Allie Foster. Watch as he shots a monster cum load into Tara Lynn Foxx s open mouth that she eagerly swallows.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Kerry Louise Giving a Blowjob to Winner Philip : This Blow Job Winner has a much unexpected twist. Andy is dejected and depressed that he loses the Macarena contest to Philip. He is unable to hide his displeasure and even threatened to beat up Philip. Philip is a pacifist and in one of the most random acts of kindnesses ever witnessed this prince of man agrees to switch prizes with Andy. We are shocked with this selfless act and so is Kerry Louise. She is so pleased at his manners and kindness that she has both of her fluffers Tiffany Tyler and Ruby Rays join her for his entire blow job. Philip is overjoyed and so are the girls. As a reward for Philips generosity we named him our fan of the month and agree to have him come back and be on a future episode of Fuck A Fan.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Porn Stars Alexandra Silk VS. Lola in a Blowjob Battle : Alexandra Silk and Lola both love to eat dick and they prove that on camera in a boxing ring. Theyre competing for the title of best cock sucker and this is the definitive match that will decide it. Both girls stand an even chance although they have different techniques of sucking guys off. Who will do it faster? Watch the video to find out.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Porn Starlets Amber Michaels VS. Nikita Denise in a BJ Competition : Amber Michaels and Nikita Denise were both a little too attracted to one another to make this a vicious battle. Even with multiple cocks in their mouths they couldnt keep their hands off of each other. This turned into more of an oral orgy than the fight that it should have been. But hell I sure aint complaining.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Aurora Snow.VS Cheryll in a Blowjob Championship : Aurora Snow and Cheryll have always been rivals in the porn game. This cock sucking competition was there to prove once and for all who the better cumslut really was. Things took a strange turn halfway through and both girls became close friends when it was all said and done. This blowjob fight brought them closer than ever.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bridgett Kerkove VS. Czarrina in a Head to Head Suck Off : Bridgett Kerkove and Czarrina are both willing to do it all to win. They dont just limit it to cock sucking to get the guys off. One of the sexy blonds goes for an advanced ball sucking technique and I could have sworn I saw the other slip a bit of a finger into a guys ass. Yep there are no holes barred in this great cock sucking competition.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Candy Apple VS. Cortknee in a Blowjob Battle Royale : This matchup between Candy Apples and Cortknee will leave you stiff as a rock and wanting a blow job from one of these babes. Both of these girls are evenly matched contenders and they want that prize. They suck on huge dicks and dont stop for a second. Breathing is not as important as winning the title for both of these sexy competitive babes.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Candy Cotton VS. Tiffany Mason in the Ultimate Suck Off : Two all American babes Candy Cotton and Tiffany Mason are fighting for the title of Cock Sucking Champion. They pull out all the tricks to get a bunch of guys to cum as soon as possible. These chicks are running around begging mouths open swallowing cocks and cum as fast as they possibly can. You wont believe how hard they work to win the crown.
More 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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