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Boobs, Boots And A Body For Sex the best blow job techniques : Shione Cooper is yet another lovely natural from the Czech Republic, a tiny nation that continues to produce a parade of gorgeous babes with beautiful tits. Although new arrivals like Karla James England and Taylor Steele Canada are helping to even out the playing field, the Czechs still seem to be winning the international sweater-missile race. Shiones only been modeling since the spring of 2009 and originally only focused on pin-up style glamour. No open legs, no pink, no way. We were going to photograph Shione in that style because shes so seriously busty and pretty but on both of SCORELANDs road trips to Prague, Shione was unavailable so we didnt connect. Then the message recently came in. Shione now wanted to try XXX hardcore. There was no explanation for the 180 degree shift but we were not about to question a gift from the boob gods. We also dont know Shiones plans for the future so weve rushed this video, Boobs, Boots and A Body For Sex into SCORELAND as quickly as possible. Bravo, Shione! Will Shione continue to jump on the cock and become a full-blown porn star in Europe or is her expedition into XXX a temporary fling before she heads back to the glamour? Only Shione knows the answer. And, yes, we did photograph Shione in hot solos also so stay tuned. There are as yet no yearly SCORE or V-Mag awards for best hardcore performance. After previewing Shiones very wet the best blow job techniques and how her boobs bounce so vigorously as she rides cock in lap dance style and swing in doggie, shed be a top contender to win. Let us know your Shione Cooper thoughts at
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Veronika Meets Mr. Titsucker to make a girl cum : We discovered Veronika in 2005. Back then, she was a blonde bra-buster who made a splash, then dropped out of sight for several years. Veronika did a few hot pictorials with studs and an equally hot video that was posted on SCOREVideos. Recently, Veronika came back to this big-boobed show-world as a redhead with a little more girl-flesh and bigger boobs. Beautiful, all-natural tits. My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older, Veronika told our staffers with the help of a translator. She speaks some English as youll hear when Mr. Balls arrives to interview her in a mix of English and Czech before Veronika strips off completely and gets fucked totally nude. Even the heels come off. When she says she masturbates, he immediately asks her to show him how she does it. Thats why I love making pictures and videos. I consider myself 100 sexually liberated and Im happy that my country no longer has any stupid sex laws. I feel sorry for the women in many other countries. to make a girl cum living at doing what I there anything better than that for me? I dont think so. Her one-day stand in this new SCORE Video definitely agrees with her. Hell say anything to get laid anyway. Breast-men are the same all over the world despite the language and national differences.
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Casino de Cleavage free porn videos on the internet : Isis Haze was discovered by a SCORE magazine reader whos sailed on the Boob Cruise several times and makes strip clubs his second home. Does he love tits? With all his heart. When he strolled into a club called Silk Exotic in Juneau, Wisconsin and saw Isis 40 inch 34FFs, he was breastnotized. Later on, he managed to take some test shots of her and send them to Ive been dancing for a few years. Always fully nude. I started out like that right away, says Isis, who in this SCORE Video is in charge of the SCORE Casino and specializes in getting guys to lose their shirts. And their pants, underwear, etc. I know theres lots of posting free porn videos on the internet asking when Im dancing. Their favorite trick is when I lick both my nipples. And then I lay two dollar bills down and pick them up with my titties. Guys definitely like that! Isis tries and succeeds at one of the most popular boob tricks here holding one breast in her mouth hands-free by suctioning the nipple. Most girls cant do it. Its very difficult. Isis is the hottest stick girl weve ever seen at a craps table. Vegas should follow our lead and hire more hotties for their table games. Casino de Cleavage is a first. No ones ever toyed herself on a craps table in the SCORE Studio, let alone someone as hot as Isis Haze! She didnt roll snakeyes with boob-men! They hit the jackpot!
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Peds on the Playground : Chavon bares her legs and her lust for you outdoors because this caramel-skinned diva is an exhibitionist. Watch as she unleashes her curves and climbs onto this play-set to play with her tan gams and wet pussy. You dont find too many curvaceous ladies like Chavon who have sensitive soles, but this stunner says that her peds are just as sensitive as her nipples. And she likes to get her piggies nice and dirty so that her lovers can wash them and then moisturize them with their seed.
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The Boobie Baker she is cumming : Janet Jade did her own special cooking show in this session and she is cumming quite the horny kitchen delight. Janets a former cheerleader and a sexy dancer at a club near Detroit. I would just shake my pom-poms because I couldnt jump up and down with my boobs flying all over the place. Ive been dancing off and on for about three years, says Janet. I knew people were looking at me and reacting to me. Theres no way you could see my boobs in a cheerleaders outfit and not notice them, but people didnt say anything. I definitely saw them looking all the time. People were staring at my boobs, and that was strange. I really didnt start to like my boobs until I started dancing when I was 19. Then I realized how much guys liked them, and the attention was good!
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Glaze Your Bun i like to cross dress : Puerto Rican hottie, Giselle Humes is always happy to get piped and have her buns glazed. Its so good that I had to come back for more. You know what they say about Latina girls? That we are hornier and nastier than the rest and it is 100 percent true. I think about fucking 247 and when I need it, I dont have a hard time getting it, she says. And lately Ive needed a lot of ass love, too. i like to cross dress feel a mans tongue in my asshole and his hot breath as he licks me. And I like pulling my cheeks apart really wide when I am on top because it stretches my asshole out and it feels good. Maybe Im turning into a total butt slut.
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Cock Massaging By Lady Spyce sex with big cocks : Lady Spyce visits her friend and discovers him flat on his back with an achy breaky muscle. Being the big-boobed and good-hearted sexbomb she is, Lady offers to fix him up in no time. All she needs are her hands. Then her mouth. Then her tight, grindy pussy. Presto-chango and her friend is back to vitality and vigor. New at Voluptuous, Lady Spyce likes horny, assertive gentlemen sex with big cocks she can sit on and suck on, just like in this video. Check out how this hot mama rolls. A tit-fucking specialist! I was the hottest girl in school and now Im the hottest girl in my neighborhood, says Lady, whos a huge fan of the LA Lakers and watches them every chance she can.
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Scarletts Job Interview i like to cross dress : Scarlett Rouge point-blank admits she doesnt really want a job. She just wants to ride a big-dicked guy and an office setting is the perfect place for this very sexy babe. i like to cross dress drool and spit all over a guys balls and then rub and play with them, says Scarlett. Squeeze them gently while I suck it. And you have to suck the balls. A lot of girls dont like to do that, but I think its important to suck on them. You have to incorporate a little bit of everything when you are down there so that you can make a guy feel good! Next up for Scarlett the XLGirls video!
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Tits and Tuggin Double Header masturbate to this : They dont come any more busty-chick-next-door than Janet Jade and Christy Marks. In her corner, breaking the measuring tape at 38DDD, standing 52 and weighing 138 squeezable pounds, Janet Jade from Detroit. And her fellow handmaiden Christy Marks, 36H, 54 and 134 pounds hailing from Pennsylvania. Janet and Christy have teamed up at SCORE to bring a happy ending masturbate to this POV video. Can they handle it? Foolish question! Just imagine these two running a massage parlor. A lot of guys like my ass, but most guys mostly pay attention to my boobs, Janet says. Christy is entranced by Janets sweater-bumps. I dont know whose titties are bigger, but I like yours better. I think mine might be wider and yours are bigger. But I think they look really nice together. They walk towards the camera wearing low-cut tops that display their cleavage mounds like a frame showcasing a painting. For every explosion and lift-up, there must be a countdown and a build-up so first Christy and Janet play with their tits, helping each other remove their boobs from their tops. They squeeze, they rub, they jiggle, they shake. They coat their rich, soft tits with babyoil and strip down to their panties. Soon their hands will be kneading, rubbing, yanking and stroking. Their breasts will engulf the boner, squeezing, jerking and massaging. The girls purr, hum, whisper and murmur in jack-chat, their sweet voices bringing a sonic eroticism to the moment as the fluid pressure builds. Its every dudes handy-girl dream with two of SCORELANDs greatest babes using the hose to douse the fire. Your countdown begins.
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Breakin My SCORE Cherry have sex for free : Jayden Prescott is the young wife of a longtime SCORE reader. Their house is filled with magazines and DVDs. Big boobs and the love of them is a big part of their lives. Jayden was first seen in an Oct 1, 09 Blog video talking about her background during her first day here. Her second blog video was on Jan. 23, 10, demonstrating the flexibility of her limber limbs. Now thats a sex partner! Then Jayden appeared in SCORELANDs New Discovery in her first nude spread. Shed never posed nude, never danced, never made amateur vids. And now another level is climbed. This is Jaydens first boy-girl but youd never guess that. Her deep throating and anal talents are off the chart. Shes a superwoman of sex. My husband was the second man I ever had sex with. The guy Im with here will be the third guy Ive ever fucked, Jayden reveals. Oral sex, I had my share in college and high school when I was still trying to be a good girl. Yes, thereve been a few more guys Ive given blow jobs to. I didnt have sex for free the first time until I was 20. I was brought up in a very religious house. We didnt even watch TV! And when I had sex for the first time, Id been going out with my boyfriend for four years. I was very religious and trying to wait for marriage, but I couldnt hold out. It was okay. It was awkward. We did it up in his room in his parents house. But it made me want more. As weve mentioned, Jaydens husband is a charter SCORE and Voluptuous reader. Actually, the thing that attracted me to my husband was how consistent he was, says Jayden. Hes a down-to-Earth guy. Never pushy. Never judgmental. He kinda lets me do my own thing. Thats the best part. He lets me be here, and hes at home working. Thank you, Jayden Prescott!
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Climb That Corporate Ladder feet in sex : There is nothing like a woman in a position of power asserting herself and dangling what you want right in your face. In this case, Stacy Adams is an executive who lets her interviewee know that if he wants to climb the corporate ladder he needs to start at the bottom. And by the bottom, Stacy meant that he was going to have to start with the soles of her feet and work his way up. Watch as she orders this subservient male to suck her feet, play with her legs and then cum on her feet. Stacy even plays with her toes while she rides on his fat cock. Stacy will have you groveling at her feet in sex no time, and you will love every moment of it!
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Happy Hour Hooter Hottie girl for threesome : You see her in 10,000 bars around the world. The super-sexy, busty and beautiful girl having a drink. Shes dressed in a little nothing designed to be a guy magnet. Perfect hair. Perfect make-up. Dylan Ryder is one such attraction. Why did you spill your drink down the front of her dress? To lure her back to your place with the promise of drying her off? Well, it worked. And the sex doll in the closet didnt scare her off because Dylans a very erotically inclined girl and she enjoys having her tits felt up by strange guys. Shes the go-to girl for threesome no-strings sex. Before long, shes squeezing your cock through your boxers and ready to be fucked, telling you how good your dick tastes in her sweet, girly voice. Get ready to exert some energy because Dylan is depending on you for a hot fuck while her dress is drying. Bar pick-ups are not always this gorgeous. Youve lucked out!
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Tina Tosh Tutors Ass Fucking housewives get fucked : J-Mac has a problem. Hes trying to get tutored in science by Ms. Tosh, but he doesnt know what the heck shes talking about. What he does know is that Ms. Tosh is wearing a sheer, purple top and, as it turns out, no panties. He cant concentrate, and she wonders why.brbrLook at what youre wearing, he says. Youre not wearing any panties.brbrI think you do know this stuff, Tina says, and I think youve been coming here for other reasons. Maybe we can solve your distraction problem by handling your horny problem.brbrIn all honesty, we think Tinas been coming here for other reasons, too, like to show off her shaved pussy, suck J-Macs cock and housewives get fucked in her pussy and ass. When it comes to ass fucking, J-Mac gets straight As, especially when he turns Tina upside-down and piledrives her 48-year-old ass.brbrHorny problem? Around Tina, horny is not a problem.
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Flat And Plugged i like to cross dress : Cynthia may be a video virgin, but a real-life virgin, shes not. This horny girl just turned 18 and just bought her first dildo and cant wait to show you how she uses it! When the guys at home watch me with this dildo, I want them to imagine that its their cock Im fucking. The way I work my pussy with this toy is the way i like to cross dress get fucked, Cynthia said. When Im wiggling it around in my pussy its almost as good as the real thing.
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Soapy Boob Bombs At The Car Wash in the ass : Real men out there dont care so much for the type of woman everyone is told they should like. You know, the anorexic type, Sapphire told us a while back. Shes proud of her lush, plush body. Im a real woman with real, big boobs who lives a real life. Im grateful for the guys out there who are turned on by a full-figured female. I think most men feel that way, if they were honest with themselves. Sapphire fulfills our car wash fantasies in this XLGirls video. Just Sapphire and her delightful, fleshy body and smothering jugs. No fucking dicks in the ass way.
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Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash what is science : Ask Harmony Heart what is science sexy to her and she says Me. Then its unanimous. Dangling her feet at poolside, Harmony doesnt want to go to the beach because she thinks her pussy is too bushy. A lot of follicle-loving guys would disagree with her reservations. Her friend wants to go to the beach and talks her into a shave session indoors. Harmony stands in her shower while he focuses on the hair removal. The shaving motion feels good and she gets horny. With the hair gone, her thick pussy lips stand out much more. Harmony rubs herself and wants to fuck so she asks him to take her to the bedroom. He removes her bikini and licks and fondles Harmonys nipples. She spins around to suck his dick, her tits hanging straight down from her doggie pose. Her boobs ask for a fucking so she gets on her back for a traditional breast-boffing, her outstretched tongue flicking out to lick the cock-tip. Harmonys horny cunt has been in need of a boning since she was shaved and nows the time to fill it in reverse-cowgirl, from behind and in missionary. Harmony is too sexy for his meat-axe and he cant hold back the floodgates any longer. He pulls out, dousing her stomach and tits in man-juice. The girl cant help it. Shes too inspiring. They never did get to the beach.
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Damsel In And Out Of Dis Dress is he bisexual : Our videographer is walking down the street when he sees, up ahead, a damsel in distress. Shes wearing a little, pink, sexy dress, and shes limping to her car.brbrAre you okay? he asks.brbrYeah, I twisted my ankle I think, she said. My heel mustve got stuck in the grass.brbrHe offers to take her to the hospital, but she asks him to help her get back to her apartment?brbrNow, at this point, you might wonder, Hasnt she noticed his camera? and is he bisexual going to carry her back to her apartment? The answer to your questions Apparently not and no. It would be nice of him to carry her, but he just follows her...and keeps hitting on her! What a pig! She invites him up to her apartment on the second floor, but again, he doesnt do anything but follow her and look up her dress when she bends over. What a slob!brbrWhen they get to her apartment, she gets into bed, and he notices that shes not wearing underwear.brbrYoure flashing me, he says.brbrIm flashing you? she says. I just dont like wearing panties. And the show continues!
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Amber Lynn Bach Is Hooked On Hooking to make a girl cum : Greed and avarice have become more prevalent than ever in modern society. Not since the days of the Roman Empire has the unchecked greed and selfishness of the few so disrupted the lives of the many. Modern technology has actually made things worse. Everyone has to work harder and longer for less just to get by and that includes Amber Lynn Bach, housewife and part-time whore. Screw your fellow citizen is the creed of this new society and Amber is literally following that philosophy. She truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of America. Shes had to find new territory with less competition to pick-up new business. There are too many housewife-hookers in her supermarket parking lot. Her local pub is packed with suburban sluts trying to make a girl cum few bucks after hours. Since she is not about to solicit new accounts in a dumpster-filled alley like Puma Swede in yesterdays SCORE Video, or at bus stops like Candy Manson, Amber has pushed deeper into quiet rural territory in search of swinging cocks looking for a swinging pussy. Risking meeting alligators and demented hillbillys with chainsaws, Amber has made this section of the woods her new location. Luck is with her when she meets a motorist. At first, he plays cheapskate with payment options but seeing Ambers big tits does the trick. A hard dick does not think rationally. She entices him with what she calls her tight whore pussy. The goober decides to pick her up and take her to his place to fuck the shit out of her and give her creamed tits for dinner. Amber Lynn Bach hooked on hooking and doing it all for you. We hope to see her in more hooker adventures one day.
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Sexy Pinky ass is ass : Renown for her bubbalicious XL-sized butt and her hyperaggressive sex super-powers, Pinky firmly stamps her individuality with her trademarked pink hair in various shades at different times. Her ass is ass musical. Truly amazing as you will soon see. Her cock-companion Dutch learns this when she gets fed up with his annoying, hopeless attempts at piano playing. He winds up eating her ass. They 69 on the piano bench to build up steam. Pinkys oral talents and more have made her a popular porn star. She gives 200. When they fuck, Pinky lets Dutch have it with her vibrating buttcheek oscillations. Its a miracle he doesnt eject his payload right away. Pinky is the kind of girl who makes slurping, swallowing sounds when a guy shoots his wad. She makes sex what it should always be. Fun!
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The Magnificent Mounds of Melonie Max lesbian porn and pics : And her tits are magnificent. Truly spectacular. Melonie Max is not an exotic dancer. She doesnt go to nude or topless beaches or naturist resorts. But she exudes sex. Sexy to her is a state of mind. I like people that are assertive and smart and can walk the talk, says the brunette bra-breaker from Nevada. She usually has sex three or four times a week. I wear a bra during the day if I go out and when I get home that thing comes off! She has a horny mind. Melonie likes to watch lesbian porn and pics gangbangs. If I can, Ill masturbate a few times a day if I can. I have a vibrator and a rabbit dildo. I love to watch lesbian porn. They get down. I dont know what I like about gangbangs. I think its just the fact that some girl is getting used. You know? Its dirty. Its nasty. I like it. And lesbians because they are not afraid to actually do the do. And girls are soft and pretty and feminine. And there are so many different types of girls. The way Melonies tits shake and bounce when shes sucking or being pounded will drive you up a wall. For someone brand new to dirty riding on-camera, Melonie is a wild woman. Shes a tit-fuck magnet. You see her tits, you want to slide your rod through flesh-peak valley. With tits like mine, guys want to titty-fuck me. All the time. They all do. When you have big boobs, all men are going to want to do it. All hail Melonie Max!
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Deep In The Ass for The Busty Candystriper way to masturbate : In need of a well-developed healthcare provider? A candystriper wholl make the ache go away with her tits, mouth, pussy and ass? Alanna Ackerman is here to the rescue. Stressbusting with the highest qualifications. Upon arrival, Alanna properly checks the cock pressure of this sick fuck. Shes been taught by experts at busty nurse training school so his dick is in good hands. Of course, her mere presence speeds up all of his vitals. Her hanging treasures dangling in his face propel this goldbricking slacker on the road to recovery. Its the lazy mans way to masturbate hook up with girls but it does work, unless a real battle-axe shows up at the door. Then youre truly fucked. Fortunately for this dude, the agency sent Alanna over, a trained specialist in swollen-shaft treatment. She uses boob-compression techniques to reduce the swelling and her expert mouth to suck out the poison. To further bring down his temperature, her pink slit envelops his overheated member and to speed recovery even faster, Alanna transfers his meat-thermometer to her tight asshole. This is healthcare as it should be. Our cameras cut before Nurse Alanna presented him with the bill because he passed out when he looked at it. Even so, he has no reason to complain. He had the finest treatment possible.
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Queen of the Gutter Whores cheating on spouse : Holly Halston is the undisputed queen of the gutter whores. No other neighborhood street prostitute comes close. Holly likes to wear swimsuits and platform shoes topped off with a strippers boa. She likes to advertise her goods and one-up the other bitches. How many busty hookers will take a customers cock bareback? Suck a dick freshly popped out of her own asshole? Brag that she enjoys the taste of her own ass? Holly runs her back alley territory with a filthy mouth, using language that would make a dockworker in Marsailles blush with embarrassment. She chases off fellow lady of the evening Soleil Hughes, a much taller girl. No rival whores can step on Hollys action. She meets her semi-match in a trick whos spending the afternoon cheating on spouse his wife, a man who enjoys eating Hollys well-fucked ass. Holly chases off Soleil and heads back to the tricks home. Hes another cheapskate bargain-hunter looking to pay as little as possible but hes never had to negotiate with a clever whore like Holly Halston. Its a sure bet her magic cunt and anus will have him driving back to her turf next week. We pity the tool.
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Relax And Pamper : I love to relax and pamper myself, says Tiffany Smokes as she strips off her robe to reveal thick, naked legs. Nothing feels better than a nice, hot bath and massaging my feet with some slick lotion. It turns me on when I can feel the warm water streaming over my legs and thighs and then I can rub my fingers in-between my toes and stretch them wide. The wider the gap between my toes, the hornier I become. I start thinking about a cock stretching them apart and it makes me touch myself almost immediately. Well theres nothing wrong with that!
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Butt Missile For A Busty Bimbo college to fuck : Charming bra-stretcher Angelina Verdi is a big-breasted woman who knows exactly what she wants a man to do to her. In this first SCOREVideo for Angelina, she talks about herself and she describes how she likes her tits to be treated, using her own hands first to show us. Then Hogger arrives to give Angelina what she wants. First, lots of attention paid to her nipples and boobs. Returning the favor, Angelina assumes the position hands and knees to treat him to sexy mouth moves, taking it deeply down her throat, licking, sucking and kissing the bloated rod. He straddles her chest so she can give him a healthy tit-job. Hogger licks her cunt to tickle her clit and lube her for easy insertion. They fuck and while she rides his bologna pony on top, tells him college to fuck her asshole. She has prepared her anus for a fill-up, her first time on video. He bangs her ass in reverse cowgirl and in doggie for deeper thrusts. Angelina wants to suck his dick, and asks him to pull out and bring it over to her mouth so she can taste her ass. She gives him a tremendous sloppy BJ and handjob. Her mouth full of pistoning cock, she is unable to answer when Hogger asks her how her ass tastes. She strokes and blows his shaft when, with a groan, he spurts his man-juice out all over her tits. She hungrily swallows as much slop as she can. All in all, we were very impressed by Angelinas sexual talents, even more than we first were in her debut SCORELAND cop video, Officer Angelina On The Boob Beat. Shes also managed, so far, to stay out of the greasy clutches of the numerous porn producers who study and imitate what SCORE does. Good news for Angelina!
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No Talk, All Action! i want to have group sex : The guy whos with Blair in this video is a man of few words, but youd be speechless, too, if 47-year-old divorcee Blair Sanders was standing in front of you with her top down, rubbing her pussy through her panties, saying, i want to have group sex suck that nice, big cock of yours. Keep stroking that cock for me while I play with my pussy. No problem, Blair! Blair is a no-nonsense woman. She gets right to the action here, sloppily sucking the guys cock and paying plenty of attention to his balls, too, stroking his cock while she fits his balls into her mouth. Its a perfect fit. This video, while not quite P.O.V., is very intimate and in-your-face. The only way to get closer to Blair would be to have actually been there. And youll feel like you were.
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Fresh, Clean Teen Pussy after a threesome : Sweet-faced Casada is a very dirty girl. But she cleans up real nice! Here we see her washing off after a threesome workout. Her perky, round boobs, gum-drop nipples and shaved pussy will drive you wild. Shes everything you want in a teen girl. Cute as anything, curious and horny, too! Shes not tarted up, just natural and fresh like the girl next door. After washing off she gives her squeaky clean pussy a treat with her favorite toy.
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Dripping Wet Tits college student girl : Few events in life compare to the simple pleasures of seeing a big-boobed beauty in the shower. Sophie Mae, a fresh, supple, young college student girl and belly dancer in the Czech Republic does the honors in this SCORE Video. Sophie debuted on the cover of Holiday 2009 SCORE. S.M. emails Sophie has been compared to Melissa Mandlikova. Both women are sexy but Ill give the edge to Sophie because she has F-cup tits compared to Melissas E-cups. Sophie is very erotic-looking, especially with her facial expressions. I guess at her young age she doesnt want to show cooch. But its all good. Hopefully, she will in the near future. But Sophies tits are very suckable and squeezable. Looks like another quality Czech. Sophie Mae. She may not. In the big picture, its all about the breasts, the face and the body.
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The Chesty World Of Lanea Love nudity of girl : Let us tell you something. This new chick Lanea Love is a smokin hottie. Damn straight. Her flawless body is perfect. The kind nudity of girl men beat the crap out of each other for in a jealous rivalry. Back home in Atlanta, she must have to keep the guys off her with a baseball bat. Her sexy voice on this fresh video is as hot as her beautiful face and buxom body. Just her opening yellow bra scene had our video editor ready to climb the walls as he prepared this. Its a miracle he didnt run out into the street naked screaming Laneas name. If you havent seen Laneas previous photo shoots, check out her Model Directory. Running Time 1744
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Charlie Lynn Lets Us Know Shes Here! hot sex lingerie : Born in Germany, now living in Pasadena, Maryland, Charlie Lynn is a small-town girl. Everybody knows your business there, she says. If something happens, everybody knows about it. Im pretty much a wild child there. Shes a wild child here, too. Shes wearing an orange, off-the-shoulders top that comes off her shoulders more and more as she speaks, and when our videographer pops the question, she shows us her tits. Then she tells us some hot sex lingerie stories. Im always finding trouble, Charlie Lynn says. She definitely finds it in this 20-minute video as she shows off her ass, fingers her pussy and moans so loudly, if she were back home in Maryland, shed wake up the entire town. Were guessing shes done that a few times already.
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The Booty Shop threesomes how to : Ayana is a really good Samaritan. She sees a guy stranded on the road in front of her house and she helps him. She tells him that she is a mechanic, but the truth of the matter is that she just wants his hard junk in her big trunk. She takes one look at him and tells him that she has to get her equipment inside and then she proceeds to unleash his cock once they get in her house. She sucks like a champ, she fucks like a champ and she drains his dick like a champ. She may not be a good mechanic, hell, she may not even be a mechanic, but this lady knows threesomes how to work a tool!
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Shylas Not Shy About Her Big Tits all about threesomes : Shyla Shy is back again at SCORELAND, looking prettier than ever. The director of this video, Shylas Not Shy About Her Big Tits, can barely contain himself over having the Florida blonde in his viewfinder. Hes a big-boob maven and wants to see those sweater-meat measured, creamed and played with. He brings in Carlos as stunt-hands for her hoohas and stunt-cock for her pussy. Shyla, a most pliable and compliant girl, is always ready to please men with her two most valuable assets and will do just about anything shes asked to do. Its all about threesomes the guy with her. That makes our director, and Carlos, happy men. Shylas young, fresh, ripe and big-titted. Exactly what the boob-doctor ordered. All that breast-play has heated them up for the ever popular game of hide-the-salami. Shyla is guaranteed that a load of icing for her cupcakes is in her immediate future. And shes a girl who enjoys licking off that frosting.
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Wrap Your Rod Around My 38G-Cups! college to fuck : The intro alone to this fresh SCORELAND video is amazing. College co-ed Tatiana Blair is making huge waves and this video, Wrap Your Rod Around My 36G-Cups, will cement her popularity. Just look at that gorgeous face and those huge jigglers. Tatiana is only 410 and 120 pounds. She instinctively knows exactly what breast-men want. Her pom-poms are extremely pliable and she can suck her own nipples easily, as she demonstrates. Im ready now, says Tatiana, sitting on the bed after her body show. Im ready to get fucked. JMac has made a lot of busty delights at the SCORE studio but this time hes got his hands packed full with the motherlode of young, massive melons. The image of Tatianas hands-free BJ, her cups dangling straight down, should be hanging in a museum. And the sight of Tatiana wrapping her congas around his dick for a boobie-fuck is a magnificent one. He lays Tatiana down on the bed and straddles her so he can drive the skin-bus through her titty-tunnel. Worked up to the point of no return, its time college to fuck in lots of fun, hot positions. Can you believe that this is Tatianas first-ever guy-girl video? Shes fantastic. Im usually more passive in bed than aggressive but I can be assertive, says Tatiana. I was really nervous at first but I got into it once we got going. Id love to read what SCORELAND members have to say about me after they see this.
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Destiny Rose Sex Toys and Anal i like to cross dress : Her quivering, babydoll voice is enough to give a guy a steel erection. Its a phone sex voice. Destiny Rose has a lush, corn-fed figure and creamy, sensitive 36DDD honeydews. Look at her face. Very pretty. And the red hair. Sexy! Redheads are hard to find. Destiny is a gift from the mid-west. Were happy to have her aboard. Youll love this video. Shes very hot. Destiny is a stripper in Ohio. Its kind of like Coyote Ugly because we dance on the bar, Destiny said. Its topless on the bar and we get naked when we do dances. What are some of her titty moves? i like to cross dress squeeze my tits together and lick both my nipples at the same time. It feels good. I am sure that if I tried, I could probably stick both my nipples in my mouth at the same time and suck them and hold them there for a while. She does a lot of nice boobie tricks in this XLGirls video. That would be enough but she does much more with a big Doc Johnson rubber dick and a butt-plug. You have to see what she does. Were not gonna tell ya. Let her show you. This is a nice girl to come home to and cum with! Thanks, Destiny! Running Time 1708
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Melissas Magnificent Mounds in the ass : Beautiful Melissa Mandlikova has said at times that she doesnt dress sexily when she goes out. Doesnt wear tight tank-tops or wife-beaters to show off her yayas. No short-shorts to show off her shapely legs. As sad as it makes us to know this, we know that shes actually the shy type and doesnt flaunt her beautiful shakers in public. The wholesome look of a farm girl with the body of a devil, was one quote by a SCORE fan about her. Who says farm girls are wholesome? They fuck in the ass barn more than the world suspects. Melissa is well aware that when we, the breast-men of the world, look at her, were thinking of doing the whopper-wanger between her titty terrain and basting her boobies in ball-butter. Melissa cant blame a man for impure thoughts. Her face and body inspire them. This video proves it yet again.
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Miss Emma Flashing and Creaming i have smalltits : First up, wed like to thank Miss Emma over in England for daring to flash outside our apartment. At heart, shes the shy type. What I love about modeling is being able to travel and meet people, says Miss Emma. You meet so many different people and get to travel to so many interesting locations. The people have been lovely so I guess i have smalltits been lucky. Right now i have smalltits only modeled in England. I hope I am fortunate enough to travel to France, Spain and Italy one day and model in those countries. I would like to visit the United States and Canada too. Emma gets a lot attention paid to her chest but she also says, I think I rather have a nice behind also. At least thats what Im told. She enjoys nude modeling but knows shes not nearly as wild as other girls. I would love to get into advertising, television and films. Ive met some really great people. If I were trapped in some office, I wouldnt nearly have the fun and interesting experiences Ive had. The SCORE people who came to England to photograph me, and Emily Cartwright and Lorna Morgan were lovely to be with. Id recommend them to any girl who wants to try modeling! Emmas still photos from this video are posted on SCORELAND.
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Michelle May and Titty Play i dont like oral sex : copyThe girl you love to see! Michelle May! Gorgeous and sexy with a wonderful body. This fresh video will drive you insane. Michelle is a very open girl. She loves guys but exactly what kind of men does she like? Michelle tells all. I like authoritative men, says Michelle. I like cops and military men and uniforms. I think its because I am such a control freak in my life that I like to just be submissive during sex. I like losing control. In college I dated a short guy but he had a Napoleon complex and i dont like oral sex that. Hed freak out when guys would, like, say hi to me. i dont like oral sex that kind of control. Thats a major turn off. I think that some jealousy is okay because every girl wants to feel wanted and like she is the only one. But i dont like oral sex guys who are going to pick a fight with every man on the street so that I have to use my savings account to bail him out of jail. Dont worry about us, Michelle. We play around so youre not the only girl in the world for us, with all due respect!
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Double Your Pleasure pictures of girls : Lanea Love. The kind of girl men beat the crap out of each other for because theyre overcome with jealousy. Back home in Atlanta, Lanea must have to keep the guys off her with a baseball bat, if not eating out of her hand. Her sexy voice on this SCORELAND video is as hot as her beautiful face and buxom body. Just her opening yellow bra scene had our video editor ready to climb the walls as he prepared this. Its a miracle he didnt run out into the street naked screaming Laneas name. For reasons we cant figure out, Lanea doesnt get enough recognition or praise. Has the vastness of the Internet and the very large number pictures of girls modeling today desensitized and jaded the average babewatcher? In this cool mirror set, Lanea cums face to face...with herself and the duplication is appreciated. One Lanea is hot enough. Two Laneas are out of this world. Check out her photo shoots on SCORELAND or Magnificent.
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New Shoes masturbate for me : I like to buy new shoes. And I know that my heel boy likes it, too. When I get a new pair, we have a ritual. I model them for him and then we break them in together. I strip them off slowly and Ill fuck the gaps between my toes with the heel until his cock is rigid and my pussy is dripping wet. Then Ill suck the heels, one by one and finger my pussy while he watches. Knowing that he is stroking his dick just masturbate for me makes me very horny. Sometimes he cums in my shoes and I let it soak in. That way, when I put them on, I can feel the dried seed on my bare soles all day. And when I come home, I order him to his knees and let him suck on my musky feet until theyre clean.
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The Fuck synonyms of the Irish! : An interview with Avalynne OBrien, a 45-year-old MILF from Fort Lauderdale, Florida by way of Avalynne, starts this video. Dont worry. Avalynne will get to the fucking soon enough, but first we get to know her. She tells us early on that she has a 23-year-old, which puts her well into MILF category and makes her tight, hot body even more impressive. Also impressive Avalynnes ability to continue the interview while stroking the big, black cock, then while sucking it. Eventually, the video moves to full-on fucking, and for a little woman, Avalynne takes Lucass thick cock hard and deep. Luck has nothing to do with it.
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Porn-Loving Teenie in my ass : I found a porno mag at my friends house and I totally stole it. I couldnt wait to get home and look at it. Now I know why guys like looking at porn so much. That stuff is hot! Looking at all those hard cocks made my pussy so wet that I had to take my clothes off and rub my pussy right there in my ass backyard. Looking at porn made it so much more fun to masturbate. I think Ill start my own collection!
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My Busty Valentine men in bondage : Jenna Valentines become a fave among many SCORE men in bondage a very short time. The Gothy California Valley Girl chooses to pose in mild glam style, almost a 60s style of nude modeling. I was a creepy gothic girl in high school. I was spooky, Jenna says. The jocks would actually throw candy at me and make fun of me. And now they find me on MySpace and FaceBook and they tell me I am hot and that they want to fuck me. I mean, I think that they made fun of me to look cool, but like, who the fuck throws candy? I think thats a total waste. I would have just eaten that Snickers bar. Lets be honest. But now they hit on me and they all want to fuck me and its super weird. They used to be super mean to me. Lets get down to basics. What guy wouldnt want to fuck Jenna? Especially a tit-man. In this SCORE Video, Jenna squeezes and massages her luscious tits which are now 36H. Shes been in the Top 20 at SCORELAND since she debuted. I attract a lot of people. Guys hit on me all the time, but honestly, I attract a lot of girls. I mean, I was out and had a girl come up to me and grab my boobs and was like, Sorry, I had to do that, then she walked away and I was just like, Whoa! Cupid must be hovering over Jenna. Shes a most wanted Valentine.
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Booty On Wheels how to masturbation : Caroline is trying to learn how to masturbation skate when she falls down on her white, bubble ass. Luckily for her, there is a helpful stranger nearby who knows exactly what that booty needs to get better...a hot beef injection. Caroline may suck on inline skates, but this creamy-skinned cutie sure excels at sucking cock! She gives him the full treatment, working his shaft with her mouth and then mounting him for some cowgirl fucking. She milks this dudes boner with her snatch and lets that thunder ass jiggle. She takes a load on her freak cheeks and yeah, it doesnt make her a better skater, but it does remind her that shes a great fuck!
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Vanilla and Creamy giving head to girls : Lilli Blue is not an ordinary housewife from Georgia. Lilli is now an XLGirl and this is her first time. Her first time starts off with a bang! A black and white bang with a fuck partner new to her, Lucas Stone. They sit and face each other as the video begins. Lilli is wearing a red bra and panties, a long-sleeved shirt pulled up over her cleavage. What is your favorite position?Lucas asks Lilli. Doggie, closely followed by reverse cowgirl, Lilli tells him with a smile. This Q and A is meant to serve a definite plan. Lucas tells Lilli what he likes. I like you to look me in the face, especially when I have you in missionary with your legs up in the air. I like when you look me in the face, giving me your undivided attention. Can you do that? Lilli responds with a yes as she touches her body lightly. What else do you like? I like giving head. Are you good at it? Yeah! she giggles. Lucas asks her if she likes giving head to girls big dicks or to little dicks. I like them all, Lilli answers. Are you a spitter? Noooo, Lilli says. Wellll, just a little bit. Lilli admits in her peachy accent that she does lose a bit of focus sometimes when she sucks cock. Lucas likes being the boss and lets Lilli know he is now the boss of her. She will be obedient. He has her turn around and show him her ass which he happily spanks. He examines her round, smooth ass, her butthole and cunt. She is now his to play with as he pleases and Lilli looks eager to be his willing fuck student. After he eats and fingers her pussy, her first real lesson will be to orally worship his black pipe. Lilli will be trained to follow his exact instructions.
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Meet Carrie Ashton i am bisexual : Carrie Ashton is a sexy new 36E-cupper with pierced nips from the heartland of America, Kansas City. We found Carrie through a time-tested way. A boyfriend. In Carries case, an ex-BF. An ex-boyfriend of mine buys a lot of your videos and at the end of one there was this commercial to be a SCORE model and he saw it and convinced me to come and model for you guys. I thought, hey, I can do that and here I am. At first, I was a little bit nervous about it, but he encouraged me and then I figured, hey, you only live once, so I decided to come and do it. This is Carries very first video. Thats right! Shes never made a video before and April 10 Voluptuous is her very first magazine. Shes nervous, and she says so in the opener, but she really did a hot and sexy peek-show and gave her all, even fingering her cunny in different positions. Pretty horny for a first timer. Now about those piercings and tats, Carrie. People think i am bisexual wild but Im really, like, a video game nerd, says Carrie. Some video game nerd! We dont think so! Check out Carries pictorials, one in April 10 Voluptuous and the second in the New Discovery section on SCORELAND.
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Sockin The Soccer Mom sexiest women in the world : Heres why this SCORE video is special. Its shot in POV. It has Holly Halston, one of the all-time, dirty-mouthed, nastiest busty MILFS and she hasnt been on SCORELAND in a while. Her stacked little body is tight and toned. She emerges from the ocean looking very sexy. In fact, the people at the beach off-camera were glued to her every move until she left. She and her hub head back inside so he can fuck her brains out. Her cocksucking skills are always fun to watch and highly jackable. Her experienced butthole grips his bone as shes anally plundered and so does her smooth pussy. Few can talk as filthy during sex as Holly, a hot bitch with the mouth and tongue of a whore, and shes proud of it. She fucks hard and takes it hard because she means it. After he squirts his load on her asscrack, she wipes the glop on her finger and licks it, wiping her butthole with a finger and sticking it in her mouth. Thats why there was only one big-titted girl sexiest women in the world who could properly teach Christy Marks about ass-fucking Holly Halston.
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Shione Cooper and The Man From S.E.X. latin a porn : There have been many great busty hardcore-sex stars based out of the Czech Republic since 1998 and now Shione Cooper can rightfully take her place on the winners platform with Zuzanna, Veronika, Marketa, Iva and Bozena. In this SCORE Video, Shione Cooper and The Man from S.E.X., Shione is the perfect fuck doll, eager, ready and willing to savor a pounding pipe fitting. Originally, Shione only wanted to be an erotic glamour model. She didnt even have open pussy and butthole on her spreadsheet. In fact, she was only considering open leg shots when she first began modeling. So at first, she only posed for glamour and clothing websites for around a year. Now what or who motivated Shione to have full-sex on-camera is a question we cant answer and were not going to make up a reason. All we know is that when Shione unexpectedly said she was ready, we jumped up and made the arrangements for exclusive SCORE photo shoots. It was as if Ines Cudna, Kerry Marie, Janet Jade or Karina Hart were to say out of nowhere, come, and come on me! Its not like Shione is just agreeing to do a sex scene and winds up just laying on her back, staring at her fingernails, something that you might expect from a girl who originally said no to XXX. Shiones very passionate and horny, getting into energetic fucking positions, staring into the camera while taking her partners schvanz deep inside her cunt and mouth-praying to cock with her pierced tongue, the sure sign of a hot babe. And it helps that we got Shione some experienced pole-men to guide the Czech along in her quest to be latin a porn star!
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Makin It With Melonie Max the blow job girl : Melonie Max has quickly become a major power at SCORELAND and, and her May 10 Voluptuous magazine sold like hottie cakes from coast to coast in America and beyond. This third hardcore show on SCORE Videos starring Melonie will reinforce her immense popularity. She is a supersex star with big beautiful hot tits. I like lots of boob play and titty action, says Melonie. My boobs are extremely sensitive. Guys want to titty-fuck me. All the time. They all do. I mean, it is just something for them to do, you know what I mean? When you have big boobs, all men are going to want to do it. I love sucking cock too. There has to be lots of hard sucking. If its too loose and all over the place, its no good. It has to be tight and very hard sucking. At least in my opinion. Its gotta be hard sucking to make the blow job girl really good. I swallow. Nice girls always swallow. I like to spit on the dick during the blow job, of course, but when it comes to the cum, I swallow! So look out! Here cums Melonie again in a fresh video called Makin It With Melonie Max ONLY from SCORE.
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Vanessas Foots-A-Fuckin i am hairy : Vanessa Lee would have you believe that she is a good girl. In fact at the beginning of this video, she lets you know she is a nice and good girl. She says that repeatedly. i am hairy a nice and good girl. Then she lifts her skirt up and shows you her skimpy panties, ass and garter belts. Then she tells her new pal to suck her toes and bury his face in her ass. Then she gets plowed in every position possible, while cursing, screaming out all sorts of perversities. Then she demands that he cum on her feet. So maybe what she meant was that she is good at fucking and likes nice cum shots? Or that she is a good piece of ass and would like a nice stiff one in her pussy? Yeah, thats what we thought she meant, too.
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A Head For Business videos how to give a blow job : When this scene opens, Dallas Diamond is sitting at the desk of her travel agency. The phone rings and she answers it. Its a client, but she seems distracted. Doesnt know if the client wants a cruise to Seattle or to the Carribbean. Well, it turns out that Dallas is distracted because her male business partner is eating her pussy while shes on the phone. Good thing she wasnt sucking his cock! But dont worry. That comes later, at around the four-minute mark.brbrDallas is a 41-year-old divorcee from a tiny town in Central Florida. Shes 58, 132 pounds and has blonde hair and nice tits. We probably wouldnt go to her for vacation advice, but wed definitely go to her for videos how to give a blow job and fuck.
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Coeds All-Nighter pic tight pussy : The life of a college coed. The constant studying and homework. It can wear a girl out. In her dorm room, Anna Kay needs a break from the boring academic textbook shes been assigned by the prof who keeps taking sneak peeks down her tank-top in class. She breaks out a back-issue copy of Voluptuous she bought at the campus bookstore for some true mental stimulation. Soon, Anna is turned on and feeling her body up. A layout of Linsey Dawn McKenzie and the rest of those sexy babes really gets Anna going. Nipple play leads to fingering her pussy once she has taken off her shorts. She needs more friction and retrieves her big, fat, rubber cock. Anna works the head of the thick dildo into her pic tight pussy in different positions. Her pussy is very tight so she cant get many inches in but enough to turn the trick and get off. She kisses the tip of it after shes satisfied herself. What you have just seen Anna Kay do in this video is a reenactment of what countless university coeds are doing at this moment behind closed doors in dormitory and sorority rooms around the world. Our academic research indicates that females masturbate far more than dudes. This video is the proof.
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Creamy Blonde With Heavy Jugs i dont like oral sex : Alana Evans Anderson has attracted a lot of attention since her first-time December 09 SCORE pictorial. Shes a short, sexy, pretty blonde with huge 34F-cup tits and the most prominent puffy two-inch nipples. Alana has a hot, erotic body too. We found her because of the webcam site iFriends where she is known as Trueblonde and invited her to model for SCORE. Id been asked about modeling for SCORE by members who have been watching me on my live camera so I looked up SCORE at and sent some pics. That was it, explained Alana. Alana used to be a stripper. I have danced as a stripper in a few clubs in Florida like The Doll House, Rachels and Club Juana but I dont work in clubs anymore since I like the online camera better, Alana said. I never used toys until I started working on-camera at home. i dont like oral sex the texture of some of those plastic-rubber dildos. The Cyberskin feels more real. I like a cock thats visually large but not so big that it hurts and is painful to play with. Lots of play and good, long sex make me cum the hardest. My favorite position in on top. I like my breasts handled softly at first then harder but never ever bitten. Use both hands and your mouth too. My nipples are very sensitive. I am a pretty easygoing person in general and in bed I dont consider myself to be dominant but I am not submissive at all. The last time I was in the airport security line, guards flagged me and questioned me about why I was going to Miami but I dont think it had anything to do with my boobs. Blondes with fair skin always get flagged as a terrorist, right? I am very short so I usually wear fitted clothes. I dress to emphasize the difference between my breasts and waist. Otherwise I look like Im wearing a tent. I like scoop-necked or V-necked short-sleeved tops or, better yet, bikini tops. If you see me in public, like at a mall, Ill probably be wearing a fitted, low-cut, slim-to-the-waist top with an A-line mini-skirt or shorts with either platform heels or casual wedge heels. Alanas nipples leak milk in this SCORE Video called Creamy Blonde With Heavy Jugs. Sweet! Nice girl. Great titties!
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Flowers In Her Hair, Fingers In Her Pussy tits and ass : A beautiful spring day in South Florida is perfect for 46-year-old housewife Casey Bryant to show off her tan lines. When this video opens, Casey is sitting outdoors on a bench, wearing a low-cut sundress. She has a flower in her hair, but our videographer is focused on her D-cup tits and ass nicely shaved pussy turns out shes not wearing panties. Casey tells us she has a thing for antique bottles, but here she relies on her fingers and a red dildo to make the magic happen. By the end of this video, shes moaning loudly, and if there were any passersby, they wouldve heard her. She cums thunderously, and when its all over, she seems to be overcome. I hope you enjoyed that, she says. She did, we did, and you will, too.
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Hooter Hottie i like to cross dress : Welcome back to Voluptuous Theater presenting gorgeous newcomer Anna Kay in her first SCORELAND hardcore XXX video. A brief introduction by Anna kicks off the big show of course, you should know Anna Kay by now, every inch of her and then she and her blind date Carlos head right into the fun of boob suckin and nipple lickin. Shes as hot as you thought she would be. Anna is a girl who knows what she wants. I love really good oral. That makes me cum hard. I cant really describe it other than to say that oral is not about the hands, its about the mouth and when a guy does it right, he doesnt even have to finger me. If he is good at it, he can make me cum by just using his mouth and nothing else. My nipples are very sensitive. i like to cross dress pull them while I fuck. Anna can be assertive but...Usually I enjoy being submissive and letting the guy do what he wants to do to me. And whats Annas advice to guys who might approach her after seeing her in V-Mag, SCORELAND or I think it would be to just be gentlemen, Anna says. Treat me with respect. I respond to that. Mos def, Anna!
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Booty Call 1 top 20 best porn stars : Christy Marks has to be the most unbridled, horniest, homegrown, natural sex star of them all in SCORELAND. Think about it. Of all of the girls with natural big tits, whos come close to the heat in Christys seat? Definitely not Karina Hart, Anna Song or Merilyn Sakova, as great as they are as big-bust superstars. Of the top 20 best porn stars of the Decade girls, only Brandy Talore and Cassandra could be considered challengers. Going back further in time on SCORELAND, Linsey Dawn and Chloe only did two XXX scenes each. Again, theyre magnificent all-stars but on the playing field of wanton cock worship, Christy has them beat. An adult video critic named Roger T. Pipe, a guy who has met and interviewed hundreds of adult film stars and reviewed thousands of videos, wrote when he first saw Christy in action, If you like girls with fresh faces and super big tits, then be prepared to fall in love with Christy Marks. One of the greatest things about Christys personality is that shes never played up the porn star routine or tried to turn into one. Shes intense yet down-to-earth. Whether shes glammed up or casual, Christy remains the real-life girl-next-door who loves fucking and breast-sex and thats exactly what SCORE Guys want and get in this opener to Christy Marks Gets Fucked.
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The Magic of Ivy Darmon porn sex in the shower : Beautiful Ivy Darmon is one of several sexy and busty naturals that SCORE dispatched its crew to photograph on their home turf, the Czech Republic. This small nation bordered by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia has yielded many hot bra-fillers from Zuzanna to Iva to the latest treasures such as Sophie Mae and Terry Nova. Ivy is one of the latest in this distinguished lineage, debuting in March 2010 SCORE. She happily invites unbroken attention during her lengthy erotic shower. The warm water drips down her delicious tits and ass, her gorgeous legs and feet. Ivy uses the shower head to stimulate her perky nipples and sexy pussy. A Doc Johnson rubber cock helps Ivy to cum. She masturbates standing up porn sex in the shower and manages to maintain her balance while working the toy in and out, waves of nerve-tingling pleasure flooding Ivys erogenous zones. The simple pleasure of watching a buxom beauty in her shower can never get old.
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Angel Gees Tight Orange Dress ebony fashion show : Im not your average stripper, SCORE centerfold and hot stripper Angel Gee says. I love my body. Im comfortable in my skin, and I love to have guys wanting me. Its a big turn-on to be the center of attention and all eyes are on me and its my show. Ive done a lot of bachelor parties on the stage. They were really hot. The last song, Id take it down real slow in front of them, like right in front of the guy. I could touch them. Id take off their shirt and put a Tens T-shirt on them. its hot. I would rub their T-shirt all over my boobs, then Id put it on the guy. Hed wear it for the rest of the night, then Id give him a private show. Super fun! Angel loves the club life. They all called me Tits. Theyd say, Whats up, Tits? It was fine by me. Theyre great people and they loved me. It was like our second home. We were all pretty close. It was how they showed affection. Girls are funny. In this video, Angel puts on a hot ebony fashion show with the kind of sexy clothes strippers love, not the crap you see on television shows. Youll get a pretty good idea of what its like to sit ringside during one of her shows. Shes great with horny phone sex fuck-me talk and shes wild. You rock, Angel.
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Denim Queen a man masturbating : Barbie Baja is a jean queen in denim and thigh-high, four-inch boots that showcase her lovely gams. She loves to suck on the heels of her shoes and on her red-polished toes while she lets you watch her cum. But it is not just about her release, because Barbie wants you to offer your tribute to her toes. I love it when a man masturbating cums all over my feet, says Barbie. When a lady asks, you should oblige. Perhaps you should coat her lovely size 7 12 feet, gentlemen.
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Katia And Her Birthday Presents : Nope, its not Katias birthday. We shot this video last summer, shortly after Katia turned 56, and it kinda fell through the cracks. But were posting it now because Katia has been doing a lot of fucking at even taking it up the ass from a super-hung black stud, and we thought you needed to see some video of her. So here she is, one of our most popular 50somethings ever. She talks dirty to us. She tries on some sexy lingerie, including a crotchless number that you have to see. She fingers her beautiful, shaved pussy, models her big, firm, round ass and then fucks herself with a pink dildo that a fan sent her. Yes, of course she puts it in her ass.brbrbr What a birthday gift! she says, moaning. Yes, Id love your hard cock in my ass. The harder the better. As she spreads her 50something cunt and keeps fucking her asshole, youll see why we love classy Katia.
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Sophia Shows You Her Wild Side i like to cross dress : Sophia is your typical girly-girl who likes to go shopping, get her nails done and wear pink. She says that posing naked in front of a camera is what shes always wanted to do, and were pleased to be the ones who made her dream come true. i like to cross dress show off my body, Sophia says. She has tiny, little titties, a shaved pussy and a seriously juicy ass. My favorite feature is my butt. I love it, she says. This teen flattie also loves the way that the vibration of a motorcycle feels between her legs. We dont have a motorcycle to give her that nice sensation in her crotch, so Sophia uses her hand to make herself cum. Watch her moan and writhe and cum while her fingers do the work!
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The Giant Breasts of Anna Beck : Anna Beck is a 22 year-old Czech who likes photography, snowboarding, skiing, knitting and singing. She has 45-inch bazongas and wears a 38G bra but we think shes actually got bigger cups. Anna doesnt speak English and since this is her very first video, she doesnt say anything in Czech either. She lets her huge, well-veined tits do the talking. Anna is a mild nude model. She opens her legs but doesnt spread or play with her shaved pussy and it goes without saying but well say it, no toys or boys. Those marvelous tits are good enough for us! Modeling is a lark for Anna, not a big career decision. Hopefully she likes it enough to keep showing us those Czech cupcakes. Her first magazine was April 2010 Voluptuous.
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Big Tits In A Tight Corset allergic to cum : Kristy Klenot is a Prague, Czech Republic model. She speaks Czech, English and German. She has a busty, hot little body with 3-inch areolae and a sexy face. Kristy has a blast making videos and posing for pictorials. She likes girls and guys equally. She didnt plan on becoming a nude model and porn babe. It just happened. Some writers claim that she began her adult career in 2001 but she actually started modeling in 2006. In this SCORE Video, Kristy models an old-fashioned corset that used to be popular back in the day. She peels it off to total nakedness and uses her fingers and a Doc Johnson vibrator allergic to cum all over the couch. Kristy is a very sharp, clever girl and she knows what guys like in a girl. Their cocks.
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Alabama Slam Her! sexy video 18 years old : Sara is really cute. Shes sexy video 18 years old and from Montgomery, Alabama, and shes basically the girl next door. She works in a pizza parlor, and here, she tells us what she likes to do with the pizza dough. Shes dressed like your average girl next door, too, in a modest top and jeans, but when her jeans comes off, she proves that she can fit three fingers into her tight pussy. So the next time you order pizza in Alabama, think about where the pizza makers fingers might have been.
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Busty Housewife From Fucktown being a porn actor : Porsche Lane is pushing 50 and she turns heads wherever she goes. Shes proud of being a mature big-titted swinger. Shes into group sex and swinger cruises on ships. Shes an ex-cheerleader and now a personal trainer. Of what? Fucking? She likes pussies too. Its obvious that she likes a guy to pound the shit out of her. Now about those bra-stuffers. I love having big tits. It makes me feel like more of a woman, Porsche said. And, of course, theres the added benefit of them looking so good in tight clothes, and that always attracts attention from men. The SCORE dickslinger assigned to fill her hot snatch first quizzes Porsche while he thinks of what part of her body to jizz after he fucks her. Were figuring her boobs. Hes impressed by her hot body. Porsche says she works out six days a week not counting fucking, which is a lot per week. Their horny talk gets both of them hot for sex. Thats the great thing about being a porn actor dude. Knowing youre going to fuck the chick when the chat is over, guaranteed. Hes learned a thing or two so he asks Porsche to get off the couch and stand up for video body inspection. A full body inspection. He wants to see those tits. He wants to see her ringed clit-hood. He fingers her asshole while munching down and rubbing her cunt and sucking her nipples. Porsche opens her mouth for sausage, inflating it for injection into her hole. They start fucking in doggie, then switch over to reverse cowgirl. Porsche likes screwing best of all. You can tell. She changes to cowgirl, facing him, and rides, his finger up her butt-tunnel. They try fucking in side-saddle, and that gets the meat deep in her oven. Porsche could use a cool-down and offers her tits for the choad explosion. She jerks the last few drops out, which proves that she was a cheerleader in her youth.
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Titty Training With Janet Jade boobs in porn : Its time for Janet Jade to get her boobs in porn motion with an afternoon of titty training. Now watch this! This is how Janet keeps her incredible breasts in shape. How she keeps them firm, high-riding and tight! She coats them in oil so the skin glistens and shines. Perfect for tit-fucking. Made by nature for tit-fucking. She does curls with free weights. She does jacks. She does a special exercise with a weight belt that is like a trampoline for tits. She does sit-ups and boobie bouncing on a big inflated ball. She works her tits hard. Nipple training is not forgotten. And then she comes up with a vibrator that looks like a club a police officer would hit someone over the head with and proceeds to stuff her pussy while shes balanced on the ball! Janet Jade never, never fails to impress your SCORE friends. This video is a blast! Janet should have her own exercise show on television.
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Shaves For Your Pleasure in the ass : Cum watch Samantha Steele put on a leg show that will blow your load! This voluptuous vixen showcases her legs in the ass private setting of her bathroom, then she shaves for your pleasure. If watching her care for her stems isnt enough, she does a horny, toe-wiggling masturbation display that will have you begging for mercy. Samantha Steele will turn your cock to steel. Its that
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Shy Sequoia Red men and threesomes : Sequoia teases, but she always delivers. Here, she bashfully gives you peeks of her boobs and smooth pussy. Shes a little bit shy at first, but she warms up quick. During her shoot, this fresh-faced cutie told us that she likes older, masculine men and threesomes that she lost her virginity while at boarding school in Scotland. And she loses her video virginity right here, in front of you! She toys her pussy and shows you what she looks like while she cums.
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Cunt-Eaten Chloe Turns Her Hubby Into A Cuckold the right way to give a blow job : In this video, you definitely do not want to be 42-year-old Chloes husband. You dont want to be the guy to whom shes saying, I love you, because even if she means it, shes having her pussy eaten while shes talking to you. And when she hangs up the phone, she says to the dude whos between her legs, Keep eating my pussy. Hes the guy you want to be...the guy whos gonna get the right way to give a blow job from Chloe and fuck her pussy and asshole, too.brbr brbr Chloe was born in New York, New York and now lives in Orlando, Florida. She has blue eyes that are accented by that slut blue eye makeup shes wearing. She enjoys boxing and baseball, and her favorite team is the Yankees. She usually doesnt wear panties, which makes it easier for her to get her pussy eaten in improptu situations. This does not seem to be an impromptu situation. This was well-planned. While her hubbys away, Chloe plays. Hey, you cant fault a gal for that, can you?br
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Big-Titted Second-Grade Teacher big as dick : Jordan is a 24-year-old teacher from California. Yes, we said teacher. She teaches second grade, and if the childrens parents knew what she was doing here, thered probably be a big scandal...big, but not as big as dick her big, DD-cup tits. Jordan can be a little aggressive, a little tough. See how she dominates our inteviewer. Then again, in the end, he gets her naked and doing what we want to see her do. So whos dominating who? Oh, by the way, Jordan says shes a virgin. Of course, we have no way of knowing for sure.
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Do They Make My Ass Look Big? big cocks in my pussy : Mina Scarlett is a dark and lovely Georgia peach who enjoys playing softball, basketball and cheerleading. She likes to shop, read and eat. Because she is built for banging, she also enjoys big cocks in my pussy her mouth and pussy and she says that she likes it when a man slaps her jiggly ass. She hopes to one day own a Bentley and if she fucks enough dick, she just might achieve that goal. We know what you are many cocks does a hot chick have to fuck in order to afford such an expensive luxury car? Well, Mina intends to find out, even if it means she has to tackle a plethora of cocks, one at a time. Watch as she takes another step towards her goal.
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Karinas Room Service Rack eastern european porn : Well, youve checked into the world famous Hooter Hotel, an eastern european porn resort renowned for its service staff, who, as the brochure claimed, have the finest gazooters in all of Europe. You call for a room service lunch. The room service waitress looks remarkably like Karina Hart. Coincidence? Perhaps not. She proceeds to enter your room, eat your lunch, masturbate and put on a tit show for you. And those tits are primo. Normally, room service waitresses dont have banana eating contests in your room. Youll have to commend this hotel to the travel agent who picked it. Who else do they have working here? Something to look forward to!
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Falcone Town booty call agreement : 44DDD Brianna Falcone was so popular in her first private sex party that she was asked to do a follow-up and here it is, Falcone Town. Her first time here earned many props. Brianna looks as if she really enjoys sucking cock. What put me over the top, though, was the way she moans with appetite and exhilaration all the while expertly working the guys cock to perfection! Six Stars. Brianna you rock! BAM added. Brianna is a 100 sexpot. She is a worker and built for it. I would enjoy getting a shot at her. Shoot some more video. Girl, you rock. In a change from the usual pop shot over the boobs, always traditional in big-bust action, Briannas booty call agreement squirts his load directly into her open mouth and onto her outstretched tongue in close-up. She swallows every drop. Briannas a cum lover. She says that she gets off most by fucking after Ive swallowed a mouthful of cum. She masturbates a lot not because I cant get great sex but because I am so orgasmic I need to cum a lot. Thank you, Brianna Falcone!
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Last Call For Boobs i want a spanking : A recent discovery, Jessica Taylor is a 22 year-old redhead from California who juggles two things. By day, shes a construction contractor. By night, she dances at a club called Taboo in Arcadia. On her days off, she plays World of Warcraft. In this video, the only video Jessica has done as of this date, Jessica dances and peels off her clothes, juggling her jigglies and bouncing her butt. Weve said it before. Jessica is a true erection engineer. I usually wear a lot of 80s rock inspired outfits. Lots of mesh and leather two pieces. And high heels and leg warmers. I will usually slap a man in the face with my tits pretty hard. Shes talking about what she does at Taboo, not at a construction site. Jessica complains that her boobs dont get enough attention in private. I want my tits to be lotioned up and then kneaded and squeezed. i want a spanking guy to use both of his hands and rub them until Im moaning. Maybe both of his hands on one tit and then the other. I just like them to be manhandled and no guy has ever really been into doing that before. Thats a shocker. Maybe things will change after more guys see this SCORELAND video, Last Call For Boobs. Thank you, Jessica Taylor.
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The Kaytee Carter Chat all about masturbation : Youre in the SCORE dressing room as Kaytee Carters video begins. The inner sanctum. Where few men have gone before. The first person you see is Kaytee in a tight sweater that cant hide her prominent nipples. Directing the chat honors is your SCOREtv host Dave. A sensational new model, Kaytee had never modeled before this. Never stripped in a club, never gone to an amateur wet T-shirt contest, topless beach or naturist camp. She only knew about SCORE because a friend is a reader and he recommended that she give it a shot. Ive never gotten naked like this for anyone! Im glad to be here, Kaytee said. Its something I havent tried. Its new, its exciting. I get a thrill out of trying new things. And I feel very comfortable here. Kaytee moves to a set, tells all about masturbation herself, shows off her shapely kickboxing legs, removes every stitch, oils up her 34I treasures and has an orgasm. Now thats a good afternoon at SCORE. Kaytees turned out to be a real natural in every sense of the word. She enjoys it and looks very relaxed and confident. Girls tend to be natural show-offs and Kaytee has got the right body to really show-off. Were glad she picked SCORE. Im really having a good time here, and I cant wait to hear what the guys think! says Kaytee. You heard the lady.
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Booty Call 2 best of the best tits : Normally a real chatterbox, Christy Marks is very quiet this time until her pussy is stuffed with big cock. Then she explodes like a fireworks factory when someone tosses a cigarette. This is partly a POV coupling with lots of hands-on tits action that puts you in the drivers seat. Christy and booty call companion bang very vigorously. Theres hot, energetic pile-driving action, a difficult position that the extremely flexible and limber Christy can easily handle. When Christy bangs, step back and give the little lady some fuckin room. No wonder she was voted SCORELANDs 1 best of the best tits Decade. She gives 200 in everything she does.
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Titty Kitty Melissa Czechs In masturbating in islam : The bell hop at Hooter Hotel is an absolutely gorgeous blonde named Melissa Mandlikova. What a beauty! Whats she doing working as a bell hop? Miss Mandlikova has brought the bags up but when our hapless hero goes to tip her, she refuses his American dollars. This is a very unusual hotel! They dont accept tokes for services rendered? Instead, Melissa wants to tip him by giving him a private show. Nice! She gets on the bed and removes every piece of clothing except her cute little bell hop cap. Melissa also concealed a big Doc Johnson vibrator on her person. Sneaky! She vibes her sweet, pink cunt and runs her hands all over her stacked bod until she gets off at Orgasmville. Apparently at Hooter Hotel, its the custom of the staff to greet new guests by masturbating in islam front of them. The room service waitress also did the same thing. Every culture has its quaint traditions and this is how its done at this vintage resort. This information will have to be relayed to the travel agent so she can add it to the brochure! Whats going to happen next at this girl-packed resort?
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Sydney Silver Loves Feet worship her foot : Ever wanted to meet a girl into feet as much as you are? Well, wait no more. Sydney Silver loves feet. Hers in particular. She rubs them, massages them and lotions them, all while she fingers herself. She is so into her size 8s that just running her hands over her soles excites her. She moans as she slips her fingers through her toes and groans as she jacks worship her foot like it was a big cock. This little lady appreciate peds as much as you do. So what are you waiting for? Drop your pants and show Sydney you love her feet, too.
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Double-D Your Pleasure sex and milfs : Little seen in travel agency vacation brochures, the prestigious Hooter Hotel is located near an obscure village in an Eastern European nation. The staff is composed entirely of hot chicks, busty babes who could easily be SCORE magazine models. Our Man From S.C.O.R.E. on assignment, using the code name Mr. Johnson, has checked into this pulchritudinous paradise and has already met the horny room service waitress Karina and the orgasmically-inclined bell-hop Melissa. Today he runs into Katerina and Dominno, the two slinky, mysterious maids prowling the hallways in search of...something. Mr. Johnson sees them outside his room. Ive only checked in a couple of hours ago, he says to the giggling duo, gorgeous in their skimpy maids costumes that no other hotel on earth provides. It cant be dirty. With a salacious giggle and a wicked smile, Dominno tells him in her sexy Czech accent, We MAKE it dirty. She laughs. They proceed to enter Mr. Johnsons room and stain the sheets with fresh pussy juice as they have hot, lipstick-lesbian sex and milfs use a huge toy for good measure. Johnson is impressed as he enjoys the show. These are really good maids. Theyve made such a mess of the bedsheets, its a good thing theyre maids. Now they can clean the room before they leave. Whats going to happen next in this unusual resort?
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Heavenly Body : Being in a hot tub always gets me horny. Thats because it reminds me of this one time I fucked in one. This guy and I were alone in one and well, you know how it goes. We started kissing, and it got more and more intense. My pussy was under water but thats not the only reason it was wet. I was really horny. I took off my top and the guy started sucking on my tits. I remember seeing the goosebumps on my tits, and my nipples got so incredibly hard. I sucked his cock under the water it was fun! Then I got on top of him and we fucked. I had the best orgasm.
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Real Divorcee Of Reno, Nevada real housewife porn : When Jenny Hamilton, a 42-year-old divorcee from Reno, Nevada, made her debut, we told you she wasnt a prude. Here, we have video proof.brbrbr When the scene opens, Jenny already has her top up, and shes rubbing her nipples. She looks like she could be a real housewife porn of Orange County. She shows off her little ass, then bends over and slaps her cheeks. Next, we see her lying down, playing with her pussy. She licks the pussy juice off her fingers.brbrbr My pussy tastes so sweet, she reports. Do you want to see how good my pussy tastes? Do you want to see how I fuck? Do you want to watch me get fucked?brbrbr Her fuck partner walks in. She walks over to him and takes control.brbrbr Want to eat my pussy baby? she says. Lick it. Put your tongue in there. Then she lays down so he can eat her pussy. She has a fuck-doll cunt, open and ready to fuck. He eats her asshole and fingers it.brbrbr Oh, yeah, put it my ass, she says. Suck my clit at the same time.brbrbr When shes done getting his cock hard, she mounts it and says, I wanna fuck your dick and then, It feels good in my pussy. She looks down and watches while the cock is fucking her pussy. She diddles her clit, then tells him, Put it in my ass, baby. Oh, yeah, baby, fuck my ass!brbrbr He does. She enjoys it. Jenny is no prude.
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Poolside Poontang after a threesome : Heres Lorna Preston, a 19-year-old college student from Texas. Lorna is a longhorn...a very long-legged longhorn, although were betting that your eyes will be on her nipples that are poking through her ultra-thin tank top, not her legs. Although youll find time for that, too. Anyway, after a threesome brief interview, Lorna shows us the rest of what shes got, diddling her pussy by the pool on this hot Florida day. Dive right in!
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Kristys Hands-On Boob Service chicks with cocks : Back in the room at Hooter Hotel in Europe, Mr. Johnson, talent scout for SCORE, gets the knock, correction, knockers, at the door that he has been waiting for. Earlier, Johnson had called the British front desk concierge Mandy Pearl for the masseuse to come up. He needed some stress busting relief after the non-stop parade of beauties entering his room and rolling around his bed naked and masturbating to orgasm, leaving him with a swollen nutbag. The massage girl finally arrives and he is delighted to see her, ogling her from head to toe. Kristy Klenot is the resident masseuse and she is a corker. Short, shapely and pretty, Kristy has a beautiful, sexy body and speaks in accented English with an erotic flavor. Why do chicks with cocks European accents sound so sexy? Kristy wastes no time giving Johnson an eyeful, removing her robe, removing her bra, panties and heels, and climbing onto the bed totally naked. Kristy warms up her hands by rubbing her clit and tits. This way, Johnson wont be chilled by cold hands when she begins her massage. She sits at the edge of the bed and goes right to the package, rubbing, squeezing, jerking and wiping his cock on her tits. Always ready to lend a hand, Kristy has a nice, firm grip on things. This is one of the best massages Johnson ever had. They move onto the bed and Kristy continues her cock rubdown. She gets into the best tit-fuck position, on her back, so Johnson can slide back and forth between her sexy cleavage. Kristy tells him she wants his hot cum and that he should cum on her body. Hearing that, staring into her wide eyes, Johnson pops his nuts all over her tits and face. Good things cum in small packages and her name is Kristy Klenot. Later on that day, Johnson prepares to check out. He returns his key to the front desk but concierge Mandy makes him wait so she can give him a final naked boobie show until he returns one day to Hooter Hotel. Hooter Hotel. Where no one dresses like a big mouse and there are no thrill rides. But it has got the hottest, slinkiest bra-busting staff west of Budapest.
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Take Me To Boob Bliss find a penis : Welcome to Aileen Ghettmans playhouse, a candy-colored crib where busty romping is always on the days activity list. Aileen purses her sweet lips and blows. Blows bubbles. What lung power she has! Aileen is the perfect package from her well manicured feet to her beautiful smile, emailed A.S. whos seen Aileen in her SCORE and Voluptuous vids and layouts and watched her interview on SCORELAND. Aileen blows her bubbles and bounces up and down, her 32FF 40-inchers bouncing along with the rest of her bod. Its like a tsunami of breast flesh undulating and quaking. Truly, this girl has juicy tits. Aileens next playhouse presentation is to rub her jugs, working up to massaging white cream on her twin peaks. Her tits look like a big load of cum was shot on them and shes rubbing the stuff in dilligently so her skin can absorb it. She runs a finger along one tit, making a design and says Look, a picture of your cock. She gets on the floor on hands and knees, ass forward and jiggling, saying, Its so hot in here. Wouldnt you like to cum fuck me? Aileen gets on the couch and rubs her very bushy pussy, enlarging her clit and sending tingles of pleasure throughout her bod. Her horny comments are rolling off her tongue. The dirty words come easily to her. Its time at Aileens playhouse for her to find a penis large, thick toy to play with. One magically appears next to her on the couch. Its a long flesh-colored dildo with large veins. Most of it disappears inside her. Aileen places a palm over her right boob and moves it up and down as she works the toy. Orgasm is not far away. Shes going to cum hard. After she does, watch carefully as she pulls it out very slowly. Her entire body reacts with a spasm as the ridged toy is removed from her now hyper-sensitive, post-orgasmic pussy. She brings the cock-head of the dildo to her lips and sticks it in her mouth, tasting her pussy juices. Tastes good, Aileen? It must because she puts two fingers of her right hand into mouth and rubs her tongue. Aileen doesnt say goodbye because shell be back again soon at her playhouse.
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I Have An Ass Fetish the video porno : I have an ass fetish, said Laurie Vargas, a 23-year-old California girl and college student. We assume that she isnt referring to her own ass, which gets well-fucked here, while she talks nasty in Spanish. These pictures and the video porno take us back to the 1970s, when porn starlets didnt shave their pussies. Laurie has a nice crop of bush, and the visual effect is startling when she has a cock in her ass and is staring straight at the camera. You will love this fiesty Latina, her ass and her XXX talent.
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Booty Call 3 porn a movie : Another smokin Christy scene, so horny, it had to go into a DVD and it did Christy Marks Gets Fucked. The sexy opener is like some south sea island girl epic that only existed in porn a movie directors imagination. Christy sways in a hypnotic trance, feeling the vibes of her own erotic force. The outdoor brick fireplace in this funky hideaway is nowhere near as hot as Christy gets during the course of this bangeroo. There are very few girls who savor the cock with the cameras rolling as intensely as Christy. From sucking balls to being fucked between the tits, Christys sex energy is off the meter. The ultimate busty girl-next-door, she transforms into a nasty, lip-curling, fuck-faced nympho when shes dolled up and ready for a dirty ride. Roll the videotape!
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Popper Topper i dont like oral sex : Laurella is a new top buster boasting massive natural jugs from--where else--the Czech Republic, home of the whoppers. Laurella has an extremely strong resemblance to the very popular Bozena, another VoluptuousXL Girl since 2004. She not only resembles Bozena, shes just as horny. Like Bozena, Laurella went right for the cock, and while she does do very nice solo posing, if a babe is going to screw right from the beginning, lets go for it. Laurella is highly cock-devoted and that love shows in this first scene, her very first for The SCORE Group. A secretary by profession, Laurella says she has sex in her spare time. Secretary. Hobby is sex. The perfect combination to begin fucking for the SCORE cameras. She likes to watch soccer, masturbates every night, goes to swingers parties when the opportunity arises, has messed around with women, and figures she has sex about five times a week. i dont like oral sex to show my breasts too much when I dress. I usually dress sporty and elegant. Making the video was different. Dressing my tits in sexy tops is a must for everyone watching, no? I love my tits but I do not like to flaunt them when I go out. Im young but I have tried everything that I wanted to do. Now Im trying modeling and I like that too. All my life, many men will come up to me and say Wow, you have big breasts! I just say thank you. They should think first and say other things. I know I have big breasts. I see them in the mirror every day. If a man can say more charming things, maybe they would be more successful with women. I am not going to go home with every man who gives me a compliment and fuck him but I might give some my email. They should say something like Your sweater looks very good on you or something of this nature. I like a man who makes me feel sexy. Once he can do that, I will give him everything he wants because I am a very assertive, aggressive woman. I know what men like.
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Tits Your Destiny i like to cross dress : Destiny Rose is a hot stripper in Ohio, just the kind of stripper we love. Strippers in small towns are a lot sweeter and more down to earth than most of their big city counterparts. With girls as luscious and as naturally stacked as Destiny shaking their titties on stage, no wonder that there are almost 200 strip clubs in Ohio. California has approximately 220 clubs. After she peels off her sexy dancer wear to reveal her birthday suit, Destiny fingers her sweet mid-western pie slice. What kind of place does she dance in? Its kind of like Coyote Ugly because we dance on the bar. Its topless on the bar and we get naked when we do dances, says Destiny. My club is off the highway so I get a lot of truck drivers who stop in for a bite to eat. On the weekends, its a younger crowd. Its fun I like dancing on the weekends. i like to cross dress squeeze my tits together and lick both my nipples at the same time. It feels good. I am sure that if I tried, I could probably stick both my nipples in my mouth at the same time and suck them and hold them there for a while. Enjoy Destiny in an ultra-sexy stripper SCORE vid that will stick in your mind for a long time.
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Titty chat with bisexuals Renee Ross : SCORE TV host and all-around raconteur Dave interviews the super-popular 48-32-40 Renee Ross in this scene from Tits Tits Tits!, busting into the ladies dressing room and spa as she is preparing to shave her sweet pussy. You are there as they discuss topics of an intimate, sexological, boobadelic nature as Renee carefully grooms herself. She likes the baldie look because her pussy and clit are more sensitive to the friction of cock. Renee originally only wanted to get into a magazine once but things progressed rapidly. This whole thing has just been so fantastic. I cant even begin to describe it to you, says Renee. Lets roll the videotape!
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Hands Off synonyms of the : Ah, young love. It is a magical thing, full synonyms of the flitting and fluttering of emotions and the quick rush of inexperienced passion. Nothing exudes more heat than two young lovers lost in experimentation and giving in to their newfound lust. Kirra is a virginal cheerleader who doesnt know much about sex, but she knows that she harbors secret desires that she is afraid to share. In a bold and brash move, she asks her boyfriend to smell and lave her toes and when he does she becomes wanton and wild, giving him her cherry and her feet to cum on.
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Josie Kennedys First XXX Video! she is cumming : This is my first time on camera, and Im going to have some really hot sex, says 46-year-old housewife Josie Kennedy as she introduces this video. I cant wait to really get into it. I love being watched. Its just so good to know youre all out there watching me.brbrJosies wearing sexy, seamed stockings, a garter and a bra, and she does a slow strip, first exposing her firm tits, then putting her hands down her panties.brbrI betcha youd like to know how I taste, wouldnt you? she says. Its very sweet.brbrShe takes off her panties, leans back a little and spreads her shaved, pink, very tight-looking pussy.brbrIt wants to be fucked so bad, she says.brbrIt gets fucked good in lots of positions, including while Josies upside-down on the floor. Thats where she is cumming when he shoots his load all over her. But, hey, we just told you the ending, didnt we?
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Strummin And Cummin : Lets be honest here. When Sarah Starr strums her guitar, she sucks. But thankfully, she doesnt strum it for very long before she starts strumming her clit instead, rapidly progressing to plugging her puss with a plastic fuck stick. You can see her meaty pussy lips gripping the dildo as she pushes it in and pulls it out. Sarah starts breathing heavy and moaning as she gets closer and closer to cumming. And when she climaxes from stuffing herself silly, she really hits a high note. Now, thats music to our ears!
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Check Out The Rack Of Kitana in the ass : Those hot chicks showing off their slim-n-stacked bodies in tiny bikinis? This is one of them, the kind who spend a lot of time in swimsuits at pools and beaches in the ass Caribbean, South Florida and California. The kind who likes to be looked at and drooled over. The kind every dude of any age whos hot for sexy girls stares at. The kind who are bikini girl extras on a TV show. Kitana Flores is a new discovery originally from Puerto Rico and now living in Miami. She spends a lot time in her bikini on South Beach getting her tan on. In this SCORE Video, Kitana demonstrates how she creams up when she lays in the ass sun. Except she doesnt take off her swimsuit on the sand. But she does here. Shes super-flexible and spreads her legs wide as the camera dives in for a complete shaved pussy inspection. Her body is smoking. This is just the warm-up. Shell be fuckin the cock soon on SCORE Videos. Thats what she promised us.
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Lets See What Kiki Marie Does In Her Free Time watching porn and squirting : Were going to let you in on a little secret most girls watch a lot more porn than they admit to. Ask them point blank and theyll lie to your face. But Kiki Marie, whos 19 and from Birmingham, Alabama, isnt one of those lying girls. She freely admits that she spends her free time sitting around watching porn and squirting masturbating. And thats exactly what she does in this video She slips in a porn DVD, sits back on her couch and slips her fingers and then a pink dildo into her sweet, hairless, pink cunt. The dildo is a special touch.brbrI usually dont use toys when I masturbate, Kiki Marie said. Natural is always best. I get the most pleasure playing with my clit. But Im playing with the dildo just for you!brbrThanks, Kiki. We owe you one.
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Saddle Up For Kristy Klenot synonyms of the : Short-n-stacked Kristy Klenot synonyms of the Czech Republic enjoys riding tall in the saddle. We last saw buxom Kristy on SCOREVideos jacking off Mr. Johnson in his Hooter Hotel room. Shes a nice, sweet girl with a fiery personality. During the making of this video, someone asked Kristy what happened to her horse and she smacked him one. Seems Kristy misinterpreted the word horse and thought he said whores. Here in the fresh air, in her own private forest, Kristy removes her equestrian riding costume, every stitch including the boots, and lets her fingers do the riding as she heads for cum-ville. She doesnt need the horse anyway. Besides, they dont come with air conditioning and FM radio.
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Beach Buns in the Sun : A man who knows how to treat my ass isnt going to be intimidated by it, said Sapphira Chanel. If he likes my round ass, hes going to let me know it. Hes going to handle it just right. Hes going to kiss it just right. Hes going to know that he cant just shove his finger in my ass without lubing me up a little and getting me relaxed first. Cause you have to romance this booty before you try and get it. It looks like Sapphira is nice and relaxed in this video...maybe its time to wax that ass! A day at the beach will do that for a girl.
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Stress Busting With Shione Cooper blow jobs on video : Shione Cooper kicks off the party with a titty show, clapping and juggling her twin delights. Her large areolae are a deep, tawny color a sharp contrast to her paler flesh tones. Shione shifts her necklace aside so she can apply a coating of baby oil to her 34DDD pom-poms. Once the oil has been carefully and thoroughly rubbed into her sweet skin, Shiones peaks shine under the lights like art objects. She dangles them and shakes them, her arms at her sides. Shes nice and slick now when her tit-loving date shows up and dives for her. It takes two to screw and Shiones boobie call is a controlling stud like most European porn dudes. Could be the minerals in that beer the Czechs drink. She doesnt just give him one of the wettest, hottest blow jobs on video SCORELAND. He fucks Shiones mouth, bulging her cheeks. Giving as good and as hard as she gets, Shiones glistening in oil and perspiration as they fuck their brains out in several fiery positions. Shione is like Christy Marks when it comes to sex. A horny girl who loves to fuck and be fucked in a frantic, deep-pumping way, leaving her and her cock provider in an exhausted state once shes rightfully extracted her jizzy reward. Shell impress you! Thank you, Shione Cooper!
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Booty Call 4 best blow job technique : Busty-girl-next-door champion Christy Marks pads into the studio office at SCORE, looking for the manager. Christys basically undressed, wearing her bra and panties and an open robe. With a chuckle, she picks up a photocopy of a dudes naked picture. Hes looking for work. Dirty work. Not a desk job. Hes applied to the right people. Cause Christy is a dirty girl. 1 on the tit parade. Always horny. I love fucking these big-cock guys, says Christy, her eyes shining, a big smile curling her dick-friendly lips. You dont need to be a pretty boy with Christy. A man could play Frankenstein without the make-up as long as hes got the right tool for the right job. Christy breaks procedure and calls him, arranging her own audition. Enzo will find that Christy is a handful but if he does the right thing, Christy will reward him with a spread beyond the ordinary. Once he shows, Christy wastes no time on chit-chat. He passes Christys taste test. She loves making that loud popping sound taking dick out of her mouth. Its like she looks at cock like a lollipop. Only Christy can lick and suck balls with hard intent, then turn to the camera with a mischievous glint in her eyes and a coy smile, as if to say Im a naughty one, arent I? Does Christy have the best blow job technique skills in all of SCORELAND? And if theres anything she likes better than giving dedicated blow jobs, its wrapping her fuckable 36H fun-bags around a stiffie to squeeze and rub. If he can pass her tit-fuck and cock-massage test, he may get to move to the next level. Itll take a lot of talent to get a high rating from this SCORE supergirl. Lets roll the video and see!
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Yogazongas! : Kylee Nash is one of the most flexible and limber models in all of SCORELAND. She once did a photo shoot with Christy Marks against a blue backdrop that explored the outer limits of joint flexing. Stretching and flexibility is also the theme of this SCORE Video. Kylee starts off her personalized yoga instruction with a salutation to the sun, and, man does she do a nice stretch. Her boobs really stick out when she does it. This chick has it all and a sexy voice dripping with sweet promises. Great outfit by the way, Kylee. This video may get you to join a yoga class if you can tear yourself away from your computer. Things heat up beyond yoga when Kylee takes her big tits out and spills the contents of her water bottle over them. She also does some moves with her pussy that could be yoga. Were not sure if its yoga or something else. One things for certain. Her yoga toy is the same color as her yoga mat. Good stretchin out, Kylee.
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Slutty Soles free porn videos that you can watch : MILF Lola struts her stuff in black pantyhose and hot-pink strappy heels because she likes to put on quite a show...for your cock. She parades around in her sexy outfit for your voyeuristic pleasure and then strips it off to show you her green toenail polish and sleek soles. Watch as she fingers her pussy and slides nylon mesh in and out of the spaces between her toes. And while she strokes her arches and rubs her clit, she has an explosive orgasm, just for you. free porn videos that you can watch and see if you can cum when Lola does.
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The Deacons Ex-Wife Goes Black! college to fuck : If you met Marina Johnson, a 49-year-old housewife from Florida, youd think she was a classy Southern belle with a subtle sexuality. Big tits, yeah, but she doesnt thrust them in your face. Not usually, that is.brbrWell, theres absolutely nothing subtle about Marina in this scene. A guy has shown up to do some housework, and her husband isnt home. Shes dressed college to fuck in a short, red dress, and when she answers the door, she says, Id be happy to take care of you.brbrAt this point, the guy might have some idea of what hes gotten into-or what hes about to get into-but he doesnt have to wait long for a definitive answer. Marina pushes him down on the couch and straddles him.brbrHes gone, and weve got all day long, Marina says.brbrShe almost immediately takes down her top to expose her big, fake tits with pointy nipples, then she gets down on her knees and starts sucking his big, black cock. When hes hard, the dude hammers her pussy but good until Marina jacks his cum into her waiting mouth.brbrThis is great stuff, especially considering that Marina used to be a deacons wife...used to be being the operative words.
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Chocolate Bon Bons sex in bed : Voluptuous and BootyLicious Girl Danesha Marquel has flexibility and stretchabilty. See her spread her legs extra-wide sex in bed to finger and fark her pink hole, then watch as Danesha plays ass games with her meaty, thick butt cheeks using cream and fingers. Danesha is a dancer and the guys who watch her shake her T and A upclose feel an uncontrollable compulsion to bury their faces between her vibrating cans. Thats one way to unwind after a day of work!
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Why Talk When You Can Masturbate? ebony and white : The fact is, Julie Chan, whos 19, doesnt really have a lot to say. She seems more interested in showing than telling. When she shows up, she sits down, and we can see right up her short, denim skirt to her white panties. Our videographer asks her for a little flash, and she quickly complies. She has nice tan lines. Nice, dark areolae, too. The videographer tries to get her to talk about sex, but like we said, shes a bit shy. But before long, Julie takes her clothes off and shoves her hand down her pink ebony and white panties, and thats when the good stuff starts. Julie shuts up and plays with her pussy. For a lot of you guys, thats your kind of girl.
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Hammered and Nailed shake that booty : Clad in booty shorts, thigh-high socks and some fuck-me heels, Star knows that you want to watch her ass do tricks. So even though she is supposed to be present to do some tool time repairs, she is going to work shake that booty and then she is going to work a tool, too. And by tool, we mean she is going to work a cock. Watch her suck a dildo drill. YES! A dildo thats a power tool! And obviously, thats practice for the main event, which is sucking dick. She gives BJ like a slut and then she gets plowed like one, too. Watch her scream and moan while she takes the pipe! She is obviously into construction because she gets hammered and nailed like no ones business.
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Persia Rides The Pole in the ass : Persia Monirs an exotic dancer in the ass Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and shes in fantastic shape for an over-50 lady. With a few exceptions, there are not many 50 strippers anywhere. She works hard and fucks hard to keep in shape. She doesnt worry about a choking hazard. Persia can swallow the biggest cocks. When J Mac walks into Club SCORE, Persia gives him some tits and trim right there on the stage. The management approved it. They dont need to go into the VIP room and fuck their brains out. She can get the pole next to the pole. I think I look the same, Persia said about being a mature sexbomb. I havent aged. I think I look better now than I did when I was 18. Im not going to be old and wrinkled. I refuse. Whats the point? And Ive always worked out, too. Swim, try to eat right. Persia is proud to be a hot, sexy fuck and she proves it right here.
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The Hot Chick love the cock : Kitana Flores is hot. She knows it and she wants to share. But this hot chick is different than other hot chicks because right from the snap, shes game to take love the cock and she wants us all to see it happen in the SCORE Studio. First, the introduction. Kitana warms it up with a body show. Her choice of lingerie is perfect. That body is meant for extreme bikinis and tiny lingerie. Slickened tits are first on the menu. She pours nearly half a bottle of goo on her hangers, rubbing the stuff into her soft breast-flesh. Our cameraman gets in close and she shakes em good. Check out the extreme nipple zoom-in as the twin points are doused. Topping it off, Kitana has a sexy voice and likes to chat. After her boob lube job and nipple stiffening, Kitana is ready for a fill-up. The hot chick needs a stunt dick to bounce on. Enter love the cock and let her ride. The heat is on. Tomorrow, shell be back at the beach in her bikini, oiling her bod again, and ready for another ride. Thank you, Kitana Flores. First times a charm. Welcome to the big show.
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Gunns and Cupps The Big Climax foot fetish in new york : For a very long time, it was a most requested pairing. For a long time, Big Tit A-List girls Crystal and Cindy werent ready for a slumber party that went all the way. Licking. Sucking. Strap-ons. They said thanks but no thanks. Theyre both into men. If they ever did it behind closed doors, theyve never talked about it. Girls will be girls. We met at T and As a topless club foot fetish in new york a few years ago, Cindy said. We had like a love-hate relationship. You know, like all girls. Girls are catty. One minute youre talking, the next minute youre fighting. Crystal credits Cindy as an inspiration. Chances are, there probably wouldnt have been a Crystal Gunns without Cindy Cupps. Her boobs were so big that I decided to get big boobs, and we were going to be a duo act and call ourselves The Atomic Bombs, Crystal explained. The duo act never materialized but the relationship flourished. In her very first SCORE interview, Crystal revealed, If I was to do a girl-girl, Cindy would probably be my first pick, or Chelsea Charms, because those are my two best friends in the business. But I would have to think about that one. I know Cindy wants to do one. Shes always telling me, Lets do a girl-girl! I still have to think about it. Theres a lot to be said for persistence with some begging tossed in. Because this is it. Like their one-time only Tits and Tugs scenes, this is the first, the only and the last time. High above the city skyline, the big, bodacious pairing of Cindy and Crystal took place. They brought the bag with the lube and the toys and went to big tit girl heaven while the cameras rolled and they rocked.
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Poolside Peds hot blonde porn : Theres something extra horny about a girl who will give you some foot love by the pool. Maybe its the water cascading off of her Maybe its the water rolling down her chin and legs as she sucks her toes for your pleasure. Maybe its the fact that she is fingering her extra wet pussy. Or maybe its the bottle of suntan oil she uses to coat her feet and then rub herself to orgasm. Whatever it is, well take poolside peds and hot blonde porn Juliana any day. Thats summertime fun at its finest.
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